Thursday, 23 October 2014

Birchbox- October 2014

This month Birchbox partnered with Coppafeel! as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, they switched up their usual drawstring bags for a pretty pink cosmetics bag as well as including tips on how to check yourself for signs of breast cancer. I was so happy to see them promoting such an important campaign, as a bra fitter I've met a fair amount of women who have survived breast cancer and it is just so important to catch it early, it's definitely made me more conscious of checking myself regularly and it only takes a couple of minutes. Anyway back to the box I had slightly mixed feelings about the contents of my October box their were some definite hits and some mediocre bits.

KMS are a brand I've only recently tried, I received another of their products in a past beauty box and really liked it so I was quite excited to try this out, I haven't had too much chance to give a proper go as I've mostly been at work and I've been ill but I've used it add volume and texture to my bun and ponytail. I really like texturising products and am always on the lookout for something to add volume and lift to my long messy hair. 

I really wasn't in need of any more nail varnish but I always like to try new brands and you can't go wrong with a classic red.

I was actually on the lookout for a balm or oil based cleanser as I fear my skin is acting out due the cooler weather and constant heating at work and also my over reliance on harsh/mattifying skincare, it has been over compensating resulting in a horrible breakout around my chin and cheeks. So I was thrilled to receive this as it's actually one I'd been considering purchasing I've only tried it once and it was really nice to use, I felt that it was thick enough to draw out any impurities whilst also gently exfoliating. I did find it quite hard to remove it all with a cloth so perhaps I need to use it a little more sparingly, I wasn't over keen on how my skin felt afterwards there was definitely a greasy heavy feeling to my skin and I think perhaps this is just a bit too thick for my combination skin.

This is a product that I've never heard of before and initially I was a bit dismissive about it but I actually think this will be quite useful although it does sort of seem like more of a summertime product to me. It smells nice and definitely has a cooling tingling effect when applied but as I haven't really had the need to try it out properly yet I'm not sure if it actually has any soothing properties. 

I can't say I was really in need of another lip balm but as I quite like Pixi products I was excited to try this and it is a really great lip balm, very moisturizing and long lasting I just wish I had received a different shade as this nude is just horrible on me. I hate pale lips as they make my whole face look washed out so unfortunately this is no good for me and I'll probably only use it before I go to bed to keep my lips soft. 

This was a nice little extra that fit well with the very pink girly theme of this months box, I've already popped it in my handbag.

You can join Birchbox for £10.00 a month (+ p&p) here.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries In The Snow

Following on from last weeks post about Maybelline Baby Lips today I'm sharing with you another gem from my ever growing lipstick stash. 
I bought this beautiful lipstick after hearing Jennie rave about it on her blog and I was not disappointed it's a beautiful rich pink that leans towards red without being too in your face or harsh, I haven't used it for a little while as I wore mostly purples during the summer but this is a gorgeous colour for autumn/winter so I'm going to be using it a lot more now. 
It has a lovely soft creme formula that applies really smoothly leaving a highly pigmented pop of colour with a beautiful sheen to it, it's not drying and it has reasonable staying power although I do find I have to reapply this one during the day once or twice. 

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Catch Up

Ed's Pulled Pork Hot Dog & Chilli Cheese Fries, I made Pete go and see Cats with me, Blogging with help from Mary, Wearing my new Harry Potter sweatshirt with my time turner and stag necklace, Just the right amount of tea, A very realxing soak, A bargain £8 dress in Primark that I stupidly didn't buy, Halloween Krispy Kreme, After work cuddles with Mary.

I'm writing this from my sofa with my comfiest pjs on having spent half my day at the doctors and the other half moping around the house, I have tonsillitus for the third time this year and I am extremely fed up. I hate having to call work and tell them I'm not coming in I always feel like I'm letting people down, so much so that I dragged myself in yesterday only to be sent home 20 minutes later having thrown up twice but I have some Penicillin now so I'll be back to work tomorrow and hopefully feeling much better by the end of the week.
The rest of my October has so far been pretty quiet I made Pete go to see Cat's with me and he actually kind of liked it maybe partly because we'd taken a trip to Ed's Diner first. We also took a trip to Alton Towers with his mom, I've never been before and have always hated roller-coasters but I decided to be brave and ended up going on most of the rides and to my surprise I actually enjoyed most of them apart from Rita which is just too fast although I did buy myself the photo from that ride as my face is hilarious and they were all half price at £5.
 Other than that I've been thoroughly enjoying Autumn, staying in to blog after work and spending my weekends with Pete having many cuddles with his kitty's and watching dvd's. I took a big step towards working through my anxiety and finally booked myself driving lessons, I feel like I've held myself back for way too long purely because I'm terrified of leaving my comfort zone and hate being alone with people I don't know but I was feeling particularly frustrated one day and just did it. I've had two lessons so far and really enjoyed them both which just goes to show that things really aren't as scary as my head makes me think they are and I'm feeling more determined to push myself past my anxiety, try new things and pull myself out of my shell.

I'm currently taking part in Go Sober and whilst I have struggled (especially on Saturdays) I haven't had a drink since September and am feeling pretty pleased with myself, so feel free to sponsor me here and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Also who thinks I should go back and get that dress?

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Lush Halloween- Sparkler Bath Bomb

It's every Lush fans favourite time of year, their huge range of festive products hit stores at the start of the month and of course I immediately went on an after work splurge and came home with a bag full of exciting new goodies. 
On my first Lush splurge of the season I focused on their Halloween range and I have to say it really has impressed me although I'm pretty devastated that yet again Calacas Shower Jelly hasn't returned but they've appeased me with the reappearance of Lord Of Misrule which I reviewed last year (review here) . 
The first thing I decided to try out was Sparkler Bath Bomb, this comes under the Lush Halloween category although it is more for bonfire night and won't be disappearing after October 31st like the proper Halloween themed products but will supposedly stick around for Christmas. 
Sparkler is a long thin bomb that can easily be broken into two halves if you fancy getting two baths out of it but I found that the scent wasn't overly strong so I just dropped the whole thing in. It started fizzing and spinning around the tub leaving a light foam on the water after quite a while a trail of orangey gold glitter came from the center of the bomb turning the water a pretty deep gold colour. There is a LOT of glitter in this, as you can see it made the water very sparkly and definitely reminded me of the excitement and beauty of a firework display as well as adding a touch of luxury to my bath, it does stick to the bottom of the bath so if you're not a fan of having to rinse out your bath after a soak you may want to avoid this bomb. Sparkler also contains popping candy to add to the firework theme of the bomb but to be honest I found there to be very little in my bomb and what was in it was barely audible so it's kind of an unnecessary addition to the bomb. 
Scent wise this is supposed to share the same scent as the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Shower Gel with Rose Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil and Sicilian Lemon Oil but it just isn't strong enough in my opinion and fans of the Bubbleroon and Shower Gel may be a little disappointed. 
Overall I did really like this and loved how sparkly it made the water but it could have done without the popping candy and the scent could maybe be a bit stronger.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box- October 2014

Well You Beauty Discovery just continue to impress me, this month's menu had an impressive array of products including some full sized products from high end brands including Illamasqua. The one issue I find with You Beauty Discovery is that when it comes to beauty products they tend to offer a lucky dip where shades are concerned meaning you're not sure which colour you will receive in your box. Feeling brave, and having been lucky with shades I've gotten in past boxes I chose two beauty products this month both with no allocated shade and I was a tiny bit disappointed this time. As always they also included a couple of extras which all subscribers would have received so I'll start with those. 

Cowshed Anti-Ageing Perfecting Night Serum 
Normally I'd hand over any anti-ageing products to my mother but as this also claims to balance oily skin I'm going to give it a go. I do quite like Cowshed products so I'm hoping this will make a difference to my skin. 

Gold Collagen Forte 
Again this is aimed at improving the appearance of mature skin and unfortunately I have no use for this so I gave to my mom although it doesn't smell too appetizing and it does seem a little bit of a pointless extra as the bottle states you have to drink one a day for 6 weeks to see an improvement to your skin so this probably won't make any difference to your skin. 

My choices

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Varnish in Apple
I'll be honest I didn't even know Crabtree & Evelyn did nail varnish but being a polish junky I immediately added this to my box. I was pretty open to getting any shade as I already have a pretty varied collection so I was pleased when I opened my box to see a classic deep red as I don't think you can ever have too many pots of red polish. I haven't tried it yet but I have quite high hopes for the quality of this. 

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Tease
I'm always more hesitant to choose a lipstick when I don't know what shade I'm going to get but I couldn't resist the offer of a full size Illamasqua lipstick which is worth £18.50 on it's own. Unfortunately the shade I got is the opposite of what I'd choose for myself, a peach toned nude that's really opaque I did give it a try but it looked horrible on me, I literally looked like corpse. The quality is fantastic though as I said it's super opaque and felt really creamy and soft when applied so needless to say my mom was delighted with this cast off.  

You can sign up to You Beauty Discovery for £6.95 per month here.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

October Inspiration

Octobers inspiration post is quite a long one as I didn't post one for September, this month I've been inspired by cosy interiors, autumnal layering, muted colours, walks in the cold and of course lots of cute kittys.

for the love of bokeh! | via Tumblr
Shadow of Angel | via Tumblr
 X | TumblrAutumn nature
Pin by Pau Mendoza on Books | Pinterest.
... ... | via Tumblr
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous | via Tumblr
Everlasting Forelsket | via Tumblr
Sweet Life can I just Die | via TumblrFiddle and Spoon: Threads: Cosy Winter Knits
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ICING | via TumblrSmoke
(24) Likes | Tumblr
☮✿★ BubbleGuumm ✝☯★☮ | via Tumblr
baby kiddns <3 | via Tumblr

All images found on We Heart It

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