Thursday, 22 December 2011

Just a little hello

Just a little introductory entry to get me started, thought I'd start one of my new years resolutions early.
I've tried blogging before and always given up or forgotten about it but I'll try and  update this weekly.
So I just turned the big 21 and am currently in my third year of an illustration degree
Loves include:
Cats, Pete, glitter, Lush, 80's movies, Benefit make-up, shoes, turquoise things, Spock/Leonard Nimoy, Chiquito's, rose wine, creativity, trips to Tenby, singing in the car, Barry M nail varnish, cocktails, friends, hair dye, Evan Rachel Wood, flamingos and much more ...
Annoyances include: over sleeping, packed public transport, arrogance, mushrooms, insensitive people, people with too much fake tan, cold tea and Jeremy Clarkson.

All pictures I post are mine unless otherwise credited, to see more of my illustrations view my Facebook page:

Oh and I'm  a HUGE tea addict.

: ]


  1. yay for turning 21! i am 21 too. :)

    i'm glad you went back to blogging. and i hope you'll find some time to update your blog -- it's hard work but i'm sure you can do it. :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Thanks for the support. I'm really gonna try and keep it up this time. I tried buzznet last time but I think I prefer this.


I read every comment you lovely people write me and they honestly brighten my day, I do try to respond to any questions posted in comments but if you want a more detailed response don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.
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