Saturday, 31 December 2011

A selection of illustrations I've produced this year 

Highlights and a low from this year
 All in all this years been pretty good, I've done a lot of lovely things, visited lots of nice places, started my final year of university and as you can all see spent a ridonculous amount of time with Pete. : ]
I'm really pleased with the progress I've made this year with my illustration and can't wait to graduate in may.
Highlights include:
going to Tenby for the 3rd year in a row.
Pete got a new car and we said goodbye to the faithful red Punto Delilah.
I turned 21 and really feel like I've grown up a lot.
Spent a lot of the summer with my bestie Beth before she went back to Nottingham.
Changed my hair about a million times.
Went to a few amazing gigs including Taking Back Sunday, wednesday 13 and You Me At Six.
Finally started this blog.

The only major low point for me was the death of my amazing Grandad, he was and always will be my hero, he was always so supportive and encouraging and I know he was proud to see me go to university. This year I plan to make him proud and graduate with at least a 2:1, I miss him every single day but I know he's still around looking over the family and especially my nan.
Love you Grandad.

Resolutions/Wishes for 2012:

-Graduate with a decent grade
-Become employed preferrably in the creative industry
-Start saving to move out with Pete
-Visit at least 10 new places
-Meet lots of new people
-Adopt a tiger (in memory of my Grandad)
-If I manage to move out this year I def want to get a cat or two; a black and white one called Spock and a ginger one called Biscuit.
-Get into a routine of blogging and have weekly/monthly features.
-And as always every year I say I'll eat healthier, drink less and exercise more.

Hope everyone has a fabulous 2012
feel free to tell me your resolutions.

: ]


  1. Amazing illustrations, you're really talented!

  2. love thisss! great post!
    love your blog as well dear! so good! keep it up!
    care to check mine out? would be an honour!
    love lottie

  3. I absolutely love your illustrations! Great blog xoxo

  4. This is wonderful! Love your blog - following now :) it would mean a lot to me if you could check out mine! xxxx

  5. Glad there's been more ups than downs, and sorry to hear about your Grandad :(
    Good luck with all your resolutions, my main one is to save more money and eat healthier, as always!xxx

  6. Thankyou and good luck with your resolutions too :-)

  7. Hun, I am loving your blog, just read a few months worth of your blog posts , (I'm not crazy don't worry haha) I live near merry hill in the west midlands! Lovely blog, just followed :)


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: ]


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