Monday, 26 December 2011

What a lovely day

Had a lovely Christmas so far; went up town to a few bars on Christmas eve eve for a friends 21st and got very, very merry and drank some lovely squashed frogs. Woke up the next day at 5am and had a lovely if very hungover mini Christmas with the boyfriend. We cooked frozen pizza and 40p garlic bread while watching Elf  and a Muppets Christmas Carol, he got me an absolutely Huge mug from the Disney store with a little Stitch sat in it. Christmas day itself has been really wonderful and particularly sentimental this year although it was kinda weird as it's the first year without my lovely grandad sat at the end of the table with a musical Christmas tie on but I'm sure he was there in spirit. Got an absolute mountain of lush stuff and the house smells delightful, got some benefit make-up from mom and the best friend and drank rather a lot of rose wine, really couldn't have asked for a better day.
Tomorrow the festivities continue with a nice brunch out with the family and Pete then off to Pete's nan's for a non Christmas party and possibly staying at Pete's for the night. I may try and brave the insanity at merry hill on Tuesday, as its just a walk from Pete's and there's no way I'd have the patience for the car park, try and grab a bargain with my birthday money or buy more benefit stuff. 
All in all this years had a lot of low points but I'm so grateful for everything especially my lovely family and Pete. I'm so looking forward to next year already, lots of great things to come; loads of friends celebrating their 21st birthdays, 4 year anniversary with Pete, going to my first ever wedding as my friend Sophie's asked me to be brides maid, graduating from university and hoping this time next year to be employed and saving to move out.
Well I'm off to sleep, maybe I'll get lucky and have another dream where I'm best friends with Leonard Nimoy.
Hope everyones had a magical Christmas, Live long and prosper.


  1. sounds like you had fun for your friends birthday!
    hope you had a gorgeous christmas
    laur x

  2. I love getting pressies from Lush at Christmas!! I got a couple of bath bombs, can't wait to use them :) xx

  3. I have become kind of obsessed with lush this year and my boyfriend got me the stardust box for my birthday it was immense. Which bath bombs did you get?

  4. Lush at Christmas is such amazing. <3 xx

  5. sounds like you had great Christmas! and Lush products are fabulous, i absolutely love them! lovely blog :)

    Monyka xox


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