Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesdays little bits of joy

card - £2.50

card- £3.50

cute notepad- £2.75

cute cupcake skecthbook and plain black sketchbook - £5 each

chocolate from CyberCandy and Creme Egg splats from sainsburys 

Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb - £3.99

A selection of my beloved pens
New feature for Tuesdays just a few little things that have brightened my world so far this week.
I stayed at Pete's sunday night so we could travel to uni together, despite the fact that he had to be in at 9 and I didn't have to be in until 11, so I made a little trip to Paperchase in Selfridges only to find that Selfridges doesn't open until 10. So I waited around and brought some sketchbooks for the new term, I absolutely love the sketchbooks from Paperchase they are much prettier and not to mention cheaper than the ones at my uni shop and I brought a little notepad to match the sketchbook which I've started writing my ideas in for my next project. I also picked up a Valentines day card for because the cards in there are so cute and they have so much choice and decided to get another card for our anniversary which was pretty useful as most of the cards don't actually say valentines day on them. 
I got the results from the work I handed in before Christmas, I was 2 marks off a 2.1 which made me feel a little disappointed but overall I was pretty pleased with my mark and I'll strive for the 2.1 in this project. 
I treated myself to a few little guilty treats in the form of chocolate, the Almond Crush Pocky's are amazing! and the Splats are seriously addictive.
After I left Cybercandy I walked past a cute little gift shop and spotted the bath bomb in there valentines display and realised it's from the Bomb Cosmetics brand I've been wanting to try so I popped in and had a browse and brought this one and a rose scented heart for my mom. I think £3.99 is a bit much for one bath bomb although this was down to the shop as they are much cheaper on the website but I do prefer to try things from shops before buying a bunch of stuff from a website I've never tried so maybe I'll buy a few things from the website if this bomb is nice. The scent is divine (raspberries, strawberries and vanilla) and they put a lot of effort into making their products pretty and have a huge range of products. 
Part of my growing collection of pens including my lovely new pastel Sharpies that I picked up for £2 from staples, I am so happy to be starting a new project but I'm struggling to pick a topic or starting point at the minute.

: ]

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday summary

Where I've been- Shopping with my mom, on a pub crawl for my friends 21st and stayed at my boyfriends a couple of times.
Music- You Me At Six.
Currently lusting after- Turquoise Jeffrey Campbell style platform boots and the perfect mid length skirt.
Mood- Content
Products of the week- Lush's A Million Kisses lip tint.
Movie- Jennifer's Body which I absolutely love.
Eating- Lots of brown bread and cherries in an attempt to be a bit healthier.
Drinking- Too much as usual but this is mostly down to the pub crawl and I managed to stick to my plan of not drinking cider this week.
Wishing- I had any ideas for my project I'm suffering a severe creative block atm.
Looking forward to- Going back to uni tomorrow and getting results from the work I did last term, also looking forward to buying a new sketchbook or two from Paperchase, which is something I always get excited by and maybe having a sneaky trip to Cyber Candy or Krispy Kreme. I'm also going to have drinks with a friend who I really lost touch with last year and I'm hoping to get our friendship back to a good place.
Highlight- Definitely the pub crawl especially as my best friend came back from Nottingham to join us and most of my group of friends managed to come which is becoming a rarity lately with a lot of people working late shifts.
Goal for next week- Start brain storming ideas for my next (and final!) uni project and fill in the proposal form and start filling up Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal to help kick my creative brain back into gear.
Thought of the week- There are some people who really do deserve a high five in the face with a chair but as a firm believer in Karma I'm sure you'll get what's coming to you soon enough, you absolute Cretin.
Blog of the week- Feeling generous so I have two this week Jimmi Lou and Paperbacks + Postcards

: ]


2True Nail Varnish in blue glitter- £1.99
Rimmel London Nail Varnish- I cant actually remember the name but it's a silver glitter with bigger bits of blue glitter and it was on offer in Superdrug last week

: ]

Friday, 27 January 2012

What's in my bag

Bag from River Island 
Purse from Primark 
Skeleton Fingerless gloves which I bought for about £2 from the after halloween sale at Claires
Trebor Sorbie comb
Hair Bobble
Superdrug Loyalty card, I've had a LOT of loyalty cards and I must say I think this is definitely one of the best
Subway Vouchers as me and Pete are huge addicts
A few mini Benefit goodies from a gift set which I like to have at hand
Sample Chairty Pot hand and body lotion from Lush, it's only £1 and very useful if not essential to have in your bag in these cold skin drying months
A Million Kisses lip tint also from Lush.
And my lovely phone.

: ]

Feature Friday: A Tartan Love Affair

I love everything about these trousers, I know they're not to everyone's taste but I don't really care.

I wore this dress for my 18th birthday party with some hideous bright red eye shadow, it's a really nice dress with a black ribbon around the waist and black netting underneath. It's a shame it doesn't fit anymore.

Teeny tiny red shorts that had a giant bow on the bum, I found them in my wardrobe the other day and was seriously shocked at how small they are I don't remember ever being that thin.

Ignore the trashiness of the fact I have two drinks and am wearing bunny ears. This was my favourite top for quite a while but just like the shorts it's from a time when I was a hell of a lot thinner.

I still have this dress and I believe it still fits, it was from River Island and has an adorable little crown on the one strap, I'm not sure why I don't wear it more.

This is like 6 or 7 years old but I still have those trousers and still love them although they are starting to look faded and are not quite red anymore.

: ]

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Long and Short of it

Age 16

I've done some awful things to my hair over the past 6 years the worst thing being dying a stupid amount of it black when I was 18, it has seriously only just about faded/ been cut out now. Also the mullet type haircut I had when I was 17 was pretty bad lol, I then moved on to the typical scene kid kinda hair cut and back-combed it to ridiculous proportions, but hey you live and you learn : ]
I don't know what to do with my hair at the moment (it's a bit longer than in the last picture) half of me wants to get it cut like the second picture again and the other half wants to grow it really long again.

What do people think? short or long? 
Feel free to recommend any particular style you think would look good

: ]

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Outfit Nostalgia

I adore this dress, you can't quite see here but it has sailor type gold buttons
on the shoulders and it was ridiculously cheap

Baggy t-shirt with a flamingo on that I practically lived in all summer

I absolutely adore this sailor top from topshop
I brought this skirt from new look last summer it's great for the beach, I wore it with a Beatles top from H&M
This is the kind of thing I wore to work when I had a little office job
one summer, just trying to lighten up a very very dull job lol.

I wore this dress on my first "date" with Pete, it's black with little silver
guitars all over it I wore it because I knew he played guitar
and I was trying to impress him. lame I know but hey it worked.

Black t-shirt dress with bright pink tights and fish nets on top, I wore the dress
to parties a lot so when I see it in my wardrobe it always makes me smile.
The delightful necklace I made and wore everyday to school

Back in my rock n roll phase when I first got with Pete, my customised blazer,
Jack Skellingotn style striped skinnies and my beloved red converse that I have been wearing
since I was about 14.

I absolutely adore the banana top, it's one of my favourite things to wear
 in the summer.

Just a few outfits that conjure up really nice memories, mostly of hoidays at Tenby or house parties.

: ]


NOTD inspired by OPI's muppet collection 
Barry M nail varnishes in -
Red Glitter
Hologram Hexograms
Crystal Clear

Should have really taken the picture the day I painted them as they are a little chipped I'm afraid folks.

: ]

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary

Where I've been- Mostly at home finishing my dissertation, I went to Birmingham on Friday to hand it in, other than that I went to the pub to celebrate finishing my dissertation with Steve and Dan. Me and Pete also took a spur of the moment trip to pizza hut today which doesn't exactly comply with my healthy eating plan but hey a little treat every now and then can't hurt and it did make us reminisce about our first date, which was very awkward btw.
Music- The Audition- Great Danger
Currently lusting after- I saw some Jeffrey Campbell style platform boots online for £35 I want them so badly but this week has been pretty expensive so I may have to try to resist even if they are turquoise.
Mood- Relieved and excited to start the next (and final) project at uni.
Products of the week- Soap and Glory face soap and clarity foaming face wash £7, whilst I absolutely love my ocean salt cleanser from lush it can be a bit harsh so I don't like to use it everyday so the soap and glory wash is great for the rest of the week.
Movies-I've watched quite a few films since handing in my work and loved them all, I watched Bridesmaids, The Inbetweeners movie, Superstar and my favourite Whatever Works with the lovely Evan Rachel Wood.
Drank- Echo Falls Signature Reserve Zinfandel Rose, Bulmers red berry and long island ice tea. 
Wishing- I had more will power.
Looking forward to- My friends 21st is on Friday and she's coming back from Lincoln to celebrate with us, starting with a little trip to the pub and ending with a party at her house and really looking forward to the launch of the next project at uni.
Highlight- Spending time with my lovely boyfriend and buying my beautiful lomography camera and I couldn't help myself from taking a little trip to forbidden planet to feed my inner nerd and purchased a Star Trek graphic novel (I couldn't help it, it has both Spock and Piccard in it). I'm also loving Dancing On Ice atm purely because of Corey Feldman.  
Goal for next week- As I have a whole week of free time I'm gonna do a super early spring clean of my room as my wardrobe seems to be morphing into a floorrobe. I'm also gonna put some serious thought into what to do for my final project and continue the search for my boyfriends valentines day present. I've been looking for some cool Portal 2 merch for him, mostly a Companion Cube but the only ones I can find are in America but the postage is double the cost of the actual Cube so the search continues.
Thought of the week- Manners cost nothing and yet simply words like please and thankyou seem to have been forgotten.
Blog of the week- ... Will be added when I'm next on my pc.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara



£9.49 in Superdrug

I don't really have time for a long review right now as I'm still battling my dissertation (almost finished woooo!) and I'm currently quite hyped up on coffee but just thought I'd share my thoughts on Bourjois's Liner Effect Mascara. I've been using it for about a week and I'm really pleased with it, the picture above is after just two coats and it makes my almost invisible blonde lashes look really long and well defined with minimal clumpage. 
I also really like the brush, which as you can see has really tiny bristles on one side allowing you to get right to the lash line to create the 'liner efect' and longer bristles on the other side to add optimum length.
So overall I'm really pleased and it may replace my old favourite Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara as my everyday mascara.

 : ]

Monday, 16 January 2012

Last weeks haul and mini outfit post

Went shopping with my lovely Mom last week and treated myself/ distracted myself from my dissertation with pretty things. so here's what I brought:

 Topshop sale jewellery- ear piece £3.50, earrings £2.50 and my favourite the double finger spike ring £2.50

H&M, necklace saw it on the website and couldn't help myself buying it when I was there £3.99

H&M kimono I saw these before Christmas and really liked them so when I saw them reduced to just £5 I had to get one, it's a bit of a crappy pic but its lovely and soft and has a black ribbon to tie around the waist will look lovely with a plain vest top, skinny jeans and black heels.
Select £12, I'm trying to add some new colours to my wardrobe at the minute so thought I'd try this mustard blouse.

I needed a new foundation and mascara and Bourjois was on offer in Superdrug for 3 for 2 so thought I'd try a powder too. I've heard a LOT of good reviews of the Healthy Mix so decided to give it a go and so far I'm really loving it, it's not too heavy or greasy, so I'm very pleased. I also tested Maybelline - Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation which I was sceptical of as it seemed a bit of an unnecessary gimmick, so I shook it and as instructed pressed as gently as possible and ended up with a huge and I mean ridiculous blob of this foamy stuff, I thought that maybe it would rub in and give quite a light but smooth coverage  but it was strangely watery and I had to wipe most of it off with a tissue and the bit I did rub in seemed to dry my skin quite a lot, so I will definitely not be trying this any time soon. I like the powder but it's not something I'll be repurchasing and I'll be doing a review of the mascara in a later post.

I also fed my Barry M nail varnish addiction with this lovely blue glittery number and stopped by The Body Shop as they had a LOAD of further sale reductions and picked up this little set of my favourite of their body butters, Strawberry, for just £5 I'll probably keep the little pot of body butter and the shower gel at Pete's so I don't have to keep lugging the big pot there every weekend and the bag will force me to finally organize my dressing table and store things properly as well as get rid of all the stuff that's mostly used up or I really don't like. I also gave in to my inner gambler and brought a scrathcard and won £20 so it was a really successful trip.  

Just a mini half outfit post of what I wore at the weekend and my currently purple fringe.
bone hair clip- Creepsville 666
vest top- H&M
cardigan- Primark
and my new earrings and ring


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