Monday, 16 January 2012

Last weeks haul and mini outfit post

Went shopping with my lovely Mom last week and treated myself/ distracted myself from my dissertation with pretty things. so here's what I brought:

 Topshop sale jewellery- ear piece £3.50, earrings £2.50 and my favourite the double finger spike ring £2.50

H&M, necklace saw it on the website and couldn't help myself buying it when I was there £3.99

H&M kimono I saw these before Christmas and really liked them so when I saw them reduced to just £5 I had to get one, it's a bit of a crappy pic but its lovely and soft and has a black ribbon to tie around the waist will look lovely with a plain vest top, skinny jeans and black heels.
Select £12, I'm trying to add some new colours to my wardrobe at the minute so thought I'd try this mustard blouse.

I needed a new foundation and mascara and Bourjois was on offer in Superdrug for 3 for 2 so thought I'd try a powder too. I've heard a LOT of good reviews of the Healthy Mix so decided to give it a go and so far I'm really loving it, it's not too heavy or greasy, so I'm very pleased. I also tested Maybelline - Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation which I was sceptical of as it seemed a bit of an unnecessary gimmick, so I shook it and as instructed pressed as gently as possible and ended up with a huge and I mean ridiculous blob of this foamy stuff, I thought that maybe it would rub in and give quite a light but smooth coverage  but it was strangely watery and I had to wipe most of it off with a tissue and the bit I did rub in seemed to dry my skin quite a lot, so I will definitely not be trying this any time soon. I like the powder but it's not something I'll be repurchasing and I'll be doing a review of the mascara in a later post.

I also fed my Barry M nail varnish addiction with this lovely blue glittery number and stopped by The Body Shop as they had a LOAD of further sale reductions and picked up this little set of my favourite of their body butters, Strawberry, for just £5 I'll probably keep the little pot of body butter and the shower gel at Pete's so I don't have to keep lugging the big pot there every weekend and the bag will force me to finally organize my dressing table and store things properly as well as get rid of all the stuff that's mostly used up or I really don't like. I also gave in to my inner gambler and brought a scrathcard and won £20 so it was a really successful trip.  

Just a mini half outfit post of what I wore at the weekend and my currently purple fringe.
bone hair clip- Creepsville 666
vest top- H&M
cardigan- Primark
and my new earrings and ring


  1. LOOOOOOVEEE that studded ring, i love studs they are so badass. hahaha, but i also love that diary necklace, it's super cute, I love necklaces like that.

  2. You picked up lots of lovely items, just been reading about that Bourjois foundation, I want to try it out!

    1. You should try it, it's fantastic I put it on over the top of Benenfit's Porefressional for a lovely light coverage.
      : ]

  3. That diary necklace is adorable! I think I have to take trip to h&m soon! :)


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