Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Long and Short of it

Age 16

I've done some awful things to my hair over the past 6 years the worst thing being dying a stupid amount of it black when I was 18, it has seriously only just about faded/ been cut out now. Also the mullet type haircut I had when I was 17 was pretty bad lol, I then moved on to the typical scene kid kinda hair cut and back-combed it to ridiculous proportions, but hey you live and you learn : ]
I don't know what to do with my hair at the moment (it's a bit longer than in the last picture) half of me wants to get it cut like the second picture again and the other half wants to grow it really long again.

What do people think? short or long? 
Feel free to recommend any particular style you think would look good

: ]


  1. It looks gorgeous long! I say get a vibrant copper and put it all over so its bright as heck, would look hott. xx


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