Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Rather Late Sunday Sum Up


Necklace- River Island
Bracelet- Birthday present
Brogues- Primark
Jeans- H&M
Shirt- Primark
Blazer- I don't know where it was from my mom brought it then decided it didn't suit her, it's a tad big but I like it
Chocolate Brownie trio which me and Pete shared, so delicious but sooooo filling 
At the Hollybush for lunch on Sunday with my family for my dads birthday

Was intending on posting this on Sunday when I got home but half an hour after Pete left I realised I'd left my phone in his coat pocket and I didn't want to make him drive all the way back to mine when he had an exam to revise for.
Anyway just a little sum up of last week I'll try and post these every week unless I have an exceptionally dull week of course.  

This Week
Music: Houston Calls- A collection of short stories and Metric as always
Currently Lusting After: Pastel colours, the release of Lush's valentines products especially A Million Kisses Lip Tint and Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, and quite a lot of new season clothes (no doubt I'll do a post listing my favourite items new in for spring).
Mood: Really Quite Optimistic about the year ahead with a pinch of stress thrown in about the dreaded dissertation deadline.
Products Of The Week: Benefits Girl Meets Pearl I got a tiny tube of it with my Porefressional and despite my early hesitation about it I'm seriously loving it now and may consider purchasing a full size. Body Shop Body Butter in strawberry, absolutely love this right now its great for dry patches brought on by the cold and the scent is delicious.
Movie: It's Kind Of A Funny Story (loved it)
Reading: Wuthering Heights (lent to me by Pete's mom)
Eating: Slightly healthier (except for the brownies) lots of cherries, lettuce, tomatoes, nuts, raisins, activia yoghurt pots (the ones that look like pots of face cream) and I thought plain digestives would be a good alternative to chocolate but each digestive has 44 cals and I know Oreo's have like 50 and my mom brought a lovely box of Florentines that have 30 something cals each, I know which I'd rather have. 
Drank: Way too much this week including; Stowford Press Cider, Smirnoff Ice, Vodka and Diet Coke, treated myself to a bottle of my favourite wine, Blossom Hill Signature Reserve White Zinfandel, as it was half price and who can say no to amazing Rose at £4.64 and finally Vimto and Vodka (everyone seems to find this odd). 
Wishing: I could just finish my dissertation but I seem to have got stuck on about 4000 words I just want to fast forward to February so I can get back to drawing instead of writing.Also wishing I'd been able to see my Bestie a bit more over Christmas as she's now gone back to Nottingham, but she'll be back at the end of the month when my dissertation will be done and we can go shopping. Also wishing my wisdom teeth would make up their minds about whether they're coming through or not, had some serious pain and swelling about 9 months ago, had an x-ray on my jaw and found out all 4 are coming through at once then they stopped for quite awhile and now one of them is pushing through the side of my gum which is kinda painful.
Looking Forward To: Quite a lot actually; got a few friends 21st birthdays coming up then valentines day then our 4 year anniversary and a You Me At Six concert.
Met: My Friend Steve's new girlfriend who is lovely and made me reminisce about my first few months with Pete.
Highlight: Definitely the pub on Saturday for Pete's 21st birthday where the majority of the booze listed above was consumed it was quite nice getting drunk with Pete as he's often the designated driver, he drank quite a lot of beer followed by brandy. But I did get in rather a state and spill vimto all down my favourite jeans and the local middle aged drunk who insists on showing people magic tricks and telling barely decipherable slurred jokes to which its best just to nod and laugh, kept referring to me as Geri Halliwells Daughter because of my ginger hair which is apparently a compliment as she was fit when she was younger.
Favourite Blog this week (well last week): Being Little

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  1. That necklace is lovely!

    Ciara xx

  2. The chocolate brownie trio has totally made me mouth drool..Your shoes are gorgeous:)!

    I am a new follower of your blog Sammy..if you have a minute
    Check out my Blog

    Love Pixie xx

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    Good luck!

    Ana Wallflower


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