Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's All In The Eyes

I thought I'd do a little (well it was meant to be little) post about the make-up I use on my eyes, if people like it I may do others about what I use on the rest of my face.
I literally cannot live without eye liner, well I could but I'd never leave the house, for about 3 or 4 years I wore kohl eye liner every single day and whilst I loved it then I realise now how much of a pain it can be. They break constantly. I've had many a fit of rage in regards to pencil eye liner, it snaps, you sharpen it, put it back to your eye and the lead breaks or falls out, I genuinely believe people who sell them deliberately throw the boxes around to make sure you need a new one every week. I moved on to liquid eye liner and we got along ok but it really is a hit and miss type product in my opinion, I've tried ones that make your eyes sting (I'm looking at you Stargazer), ones that take forever to dry inevitably resulting in a hefty amount of smudging and ones that dry kind of crusty and flake off. If anyone's on the lookout for a decent liquid eye liner I'd recommend L' Oreal Paris Super Liner Carbon Gloss which I used for quite awhile and never had any issues with. I tried the Maybelline gel liner when it first came out as it was on offer and when I took it out of its cardboard container I have to admit I was rather disappointed as there appears to be hardly any product but I was pleased that it came with it's own brush which is actually a decent brush considering the fact it s free with the product. I thought it may be quite messy to use and was skeptical about its lasting power but it proved me wrong, it lasts all day and hardly smudges. It also proved my initial judgement wrong as the tiny pot somehow lasts ages and I mean months and months and I use it literally everyday I've only had to repurchase once and the small size is very handy when it comes to carrying it around. 

My new favourite mascara Bourjois Liner Effect, it is simply fantastic see my review of this mascara here to know why I love it so much.

Pete's mom got me this lovely Apothecary Essentials Kit which included these eye shadows which are really great for creating a natural daytime look.

My Sleek Palette for when I'm feeling colourful, I think this one's called Acid Brights which says it all really, I love this palette and really don't why I haven't brought any more as they're really great, they have strong pigmentation, very little fallout and they last ages, as you can see I haven't been brave enough to use the highlighter orange or yellow. The little brush is the one you get with the Maybelline eye liner and the other two are just some cheapish ones I brought from Superdrug. The Urban Decay was a gift from my best friend last Christmas I can't remember what it's called but it's a lovely shade but I somewhat forgot I had it until I had a big sort out of my make up a couple of weeks ago, so I'm definitely going to be using this more often.

The Benefit Lemon Aid is a fairly recent purchase after trying it in one of their sets, being rather pale I do sometimes have an issue with my eyelids looking a bit transparent and veiny so this product is great for days when I don't want to wear eye shadow, it also works fantastic as a base for eye shadow as it improves pigmentation and adds staying power to even the cheapest eye shadow. Primer is essential if you're a glitter addict like me, so when I saw Too Faced Glitter Glue It was perfect, it's a rather sticky consistency and can be a bit tricky to apply, you really have to be careful because the glitter/shadow you put on will stick instantly to where ever the product is which can make blending and softening a bit difficult. I love Barry M make up because the colours are just amazing, this is my all time favourite eye shadow despite the fact it has a tendency to go absolutely everywhere when you're applying it the end result is really worth it. 
Lastly we have Benefit's creaseless liner/shadow in Strutt, this is lovely as is my best friend for buying it for my birthday. The first time I tried it I must admit it did go against it's word and disappear into the crease of my eyelid, but I put this down to me not putting enough effort into the application because I have since used it with foundation or Lemon Aid as a base and have found it to have much more staying power. The shade is exactly the type I like, a kind of gun metal grey, I wouldn't recommend it as a liner though because it's a tad too pale for my liking, but that's just me. The packaging as with all Benefit products is a delight and you get a fairly decent amount of product for your money. So thank you Beth you know me oh so well. 

What's your all time favourite product for your eyes?

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  1. i loved reading about all the products you use for your eyes! i'm not very talented when it comes to eye makeup -- the only makeup products i use for my eyes are my lash curler and mascara. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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