Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday summary

Where I've been- Had quite a busy week, done uni work, went to the cinema with Pete, went with my mom to go charity shop shopping and shall do a post this week about my purchases. I also went out for a friends 21st and ended up in a 90s themed bar, it was a pretty epic evening.
Music- Metric
Currently lusting after- Shoes as I broke my favourite heels which Pete brought me for my 21st, snapped the heel right off but I'm hoping they're fixable.
Mood- Kind of sad about my shoes and in a hefty amount of pain as I broke my shoes by falling down the stairs. I'm currently sat in my pjs at Pete's feeling grumpy and bruised.
Product of the week- Soap and Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em.
Movie- We went to see The Woman In Black, it was fantastic and quite scary considering its only a 12, we also watched Kick-Ass on DVD if you haven't watched it I highly recommend it and not only because Aaron Johnson is attractive.
Drinking- A bit too much Vodka and me and Pete shared a delicious long appletini in a pitcher sized martini glass.
Wishing- I could stick to my goals a bit better and stop drinking quite so much.
Looking forward- Spending as much of this week drawing as possible and keeping up with my blog.
Highlight- Definitely going out on Saturday night despite breaking my beloved shoes and falling down the stairs.
Goal for next week- Do a lot more work for uni and spend less money.
Thought of the week- Ridiculously high heels and stairs really do not mix well.
Blog of the week- Lucy Writes

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