Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentines Day

So I made the 'happy hamper' a couple of years ago because basically Pete can be hard to buy for and I usually end up buying him a load of little things rather than one big thing and I thought a happy hamper would be a cute way of wrapping his gifts.
This valentines the happy hamper was filled with:
A t-shirt with The Jam on it (his favourite band)
A chocolate heart from Thorntons with the not so sentimental message of 'You Smell x' written on it
An I.O.U for the blu-ray version of Fantasia that hasn't arrived yet 
And some biscuits I made including Portal themed ones such as the Companion Cube below(it's one of his favourite games)

We had a rather chilled out Valentines day, he came to get me in the evening bringing with him a lovely bunch of roses and we went back to his after making a stop at Dominos on the way, we exchanged gifts and watched some tv. He got me a really cute card with cups of tea on it, a box of Guylian sea shells (my favourite chocolate), the Creamy Candy bar  and the Blooming Beautiful gift box from the Lush and a lovely turquoise picture frame from Urban Outfitters that I've been lusting after for ages. He was so thoughtful this year, he even put a picture in the frame of the stuffed cat I've had since I was three, and I do feel extremely lucky and grateful to have a boyfriend who's so lovely. 
The next day I spent the morning at his whilst he popped to uni to talk to his lecturer and we went to Chiquitos for lunch which was delicious, I had the spicy chicken and melted cheese quesadillas and a lovely green eyes cocktail, after that we went to the cinema to see The Muppets which seemed like a much better idea before we realised that it was half term, but apart from the horrendous amount of children it was an all right film.

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  1. The biscuits are too cute and the flowers are gorgeous


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