Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Little Catch Up

So I missed my Sunday Summary post this week because I wrote it all out and saved it to post after I'd finished helping Pete tidy his room, I went to post it and it had disappeared I have no idea why but I wasn't in the mood to write it all out again so I thought I'd do a little mini summary today.
Where I Went- As you can see me and Pete went to see Jon Richardson (He's a comedian off the telly box in case you haven't the foggiest who he is) and he was so funny and nice enough to hang around for ages after to meet fans. Oh and I wasn't as miserable the picture suggests but the first picture was really blurry and I wasn't prepared for the second. I also got to see my lovely best friend on Friday and we did a little shopping (expect a haul post soon) and a LOT of chatting, including planning stuff to do when she's back for Easter for a WHOLE MONTH, excited is not the word : ]. 
Music- This song by Kimbra which I can't stop listening to. 
Product of the week- Blue Skies And Fluffy Clouds bubble bar from Lush as it's my all time favourite Lush product.
Looking forward to- A whole lot this week, going to Lush on Thursday to make my own bath bomb which I get to keep for free, possibly going to a Chinese restaurant on Friday, going out for dinner for Pete's dad's birthday and going for lunch on mothers day and spoiling my lovely Mom then going to stay at Pete's and giving his Mom some flowers.
Thought of the week- Some people are so ridiculously transparent and self centred, seriously interrupting others peoples conversations to talk about yourself is so rude but also kind of funny when they realise no one cares what they're talking about.

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  1. < something about loving tea and coming from the midlands, i dont know... >
    +followed, .

  2. Jon is really funny, I got to agree. :)

  3. I love jon richardson :)
    nice blog, I am a new follower, check out my blog and follow back!?


  4. cute picture and your week sounds super fun :) Love bath bombs xx


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