Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lush Addict: Face Products

Ocean salt £6.75
This is my all time favourite cleanser and even the small pot lasts ages so in my eyes it's very reasonably priced and as you may or may not know if you take five clean pots back to Lush they will give you a Fresh Face Mask free so it's worth keeping your pots after you're done, I'm just about to finish my cleanser which will be my fifth pot (they aren't all the cleanser one was a shower jelly) so I will hopefully soon have the Oatifix Face Mask, which is amazing and smells kind of like Playdough. Anyway back to the cleanser, I would not recommend this to people with sensitive skin as it is quite abrasive and strongly scented of vodka, salt, grapefruit and lime and I would definitely not advise using it every day as it can be a bit drying but as I tend to get quite oily skin at times this isn't an issue for me. It does make my face feel very refreshed and clean which if you've been a bit heavy on the make up is great and if you've been bad and been out drinking and slept in your make up, which I'm sure we've all done at some point and I've done perhaps too many times, its fantastic at bringing you back to the land of the living and leaves skin feeling renewed.
Mask of magnaminty £4.75
I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing this but it's a nice enough mask although it can be a bit of nuisance to get off as it dries into a crusty caked on mess. The smell is lovely and minty as the name would suggest and it has ground Aduki beans which exfoliate as you remove the mask, it leaves your skin feeling really soft and clean and is ideal for a weekly treat. I will definitely be trying more of Lush's masks as they have a lovely variety and as I said above I'm hoping to get one free soon so expect a review when I do, I'm either going to get the Oatifix which my friend has tried and loved or the Cupcake one as Lush say " Who wouldn’t want to sit around with chocolate on their face?"
Bubblegum lip scrub £4.95
I got this as part of a set at Christmas and absolutely love it the smell is just divine and I do tend to have very dry and flaky lips in the winter so I use this fairly regularly and a tiny bit goes a long way , I tend to just get a tiny bit on my fingertip which is enough to cover my lips as well as going all over my chin as well (this isn't deliberate obviously). My only issue would be the fact that it can leave your lips (and chin) feeling a bit sticky and it can be tricky to wipe off excessive amounts, it is also a tad pricey for what is essentially coloured sugar but it does last a long time so I may well be trying their other scented ones in the future, I'm gearing towards Mint Julips.
Tea tree toner tab 80p
I think I tried this because it was cheap and I was making other purchases and I must admit it did lie neglected amongst my Lush stash for a good few months before I actually tried it and even then my only reason for trying it was that I had a cold and was hoping a steam may make me feel a bit better. It actually did make me feel better but I'm not sure it really made much difference to my skin, the idea with these is you get a nice big bowl of hot water and pop the tab in and then steam your face over the bowl ( I also like to pop a towel over my head to keep the steam in for longer) you can also keep some of the water afterwards and use it as a spray to refresh your face but as I had a cold when I did mine it seemed a tad gross so I didn't bother. They used to do four different scents all for 75p each but they have since gotten rid of two and introduced two new scents with flower petals in them for £2.50 each, which to be honest seems a bit extortionate for a one use tab so I will not be trying these any time soon. Overall for 80p the Tea Tree Toner Tab may be worth a go if you're looking for a cheap Lush fix but don't expect too much from them.
A million kisses lip tint £4.95
I must have looked at the lip tints every time I'm at the counter in Lush (which is worryingly frequent) and have wanted to try them but it was only when they brought this one out for Valentines day that I actually purchased one and I must say I adore it, the colour is great and lasts well and the shade isn't as harsh as it first looks. The texture is lovely too, a soft balm that's neither drying nor greasy, I would maybe suggest a clear balm as a base as it can sometimes draw attention to any flaky chapped bits of your lips. It can be a little bit messy to apply but then again I only use my finger so maybe I'd have better results if I used a brush.

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All pictures from the Lush Website.


  1. the bubblegum lip scrub looks like it smells good! i need to try it! :)



  2. Im loving the lip scrub... Although I can't believe it's 5quid...it s suppose to last a long time... We'll see.
    I also like the toner tabs... I pop them in my face steamer and I think they do help moisturising my skin. :)


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