Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lush Addict: Products That Disappoint

So let me just start by saying that there's nothing particularly wrong with these products they just don't live up to my high Lush expectations, so please don't be put off just because I don't like them.

Big Blue £3.10/each
I initially kinda hated the scent of this but it grew on me so I decided to try it as I pretty much want to try all the bath bombs Lush have to offer at some point. It is really big so I used it twice and it smells a whole lot nicer in the bath than it does in the shop but my main issue with this is the amount of stuff that comes out of it. It's filled with little bits of seaweed which are pleasant enough to give an oceany feel to the bath but there is literally loads and bear in mind I only used half in a bath and it covered the bottom of the bath, I had to scoop a lot of it out because there's no way it would have all go down the plug hole. So if you've tried Tisty Tosty or any of the other bombs with Rose petals and buds in and have been irritated by the amount of stuff accompanying you in the tub I really wouldn't recommend this.

Butterball £2.40/each
I've heard a lot of great reviews about this but it just wasn't great for me, I got it in a gift box and tried it straight away as it's not one that's ever caught my eye before, the smell is quite pleasant and fairly faint for a Lush product so if you're not keen on their more agressively fragrant products this could be one for you. I put in the bath and it fizzed around rather pleasantly but it left little pockets of brownish oily butter floating around which clung to the sides of the bath and on my skin, I'm assuming this is supposed to moisturise and soften your skin but it just looked horrible and made my skin feel greasy. 

Lush Bubble wands £4.95
I want to love the wands I really do and I got two of the Magic wands at Christmas which looked adorable and smelt lovely like candy but once the novelty wears off and you actually come to use the wands they can be such a pain. You're supposed to wave them around in the bath but I've read a lot of reviews and comments on the lush site complaining that they break and split on first use which is due to the fact the product is simply to heavy for the really thin wand it sits on. Knowing this when I used mine I held it on the product end but it takes an awful lot of waving around to get my required level of bubbliness, I've found it's a whole lot easier to hold it under the tap as you run your bath which creates a much more satisfying bubble to water ratio. I was willing to give them another go when they brought out their Mothers Day flower versions but none of the scents really stood out to me so I gave them a miss, The Carrot that they've brought out for Easter isn't on a wand but it has "leaves" to hold on to instead which seem to give the product much more resistance against splitting and breaking and it smells quite different to most other Lush scents so I'd recommend this one. Overall it's a nice idea and you get quite a few baths out of each wand but the nearly £5 price tag seems a little steep and you're pretty much paying for the novelty, I much prefer their normal bubble bars.

Green Bubbleroon £3.25/each
The bubble bars are my favourite Lush products so I was really excited about the prospect of the three new "bubbleroons" but I was quite disappointed at how small they are considering they aren't any cheaper than the bigger bubble bars they already sold. The scents were also a bit disappointing, there's nothing wrong with them they just don't have the wow factor that the other bars seem to have, I tried the green one and and it was nice enough but it just didn't make enough of an impression to see me buying more of them. If you fancy trying these I'd say the Rose Jam one is probably the best of the three and really smells like jam but for the price there are much better bars for your money.

Which Lush products haven't lived up to your expectations?
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  1. I agree with you about butterball, I just never really got it! haha But I absolutely love the mothers day wands I have to say! I just got the carrot today! Loveeeee the smell! :)

  2. Great post. I adore the butterball though but it does leave my bath in a mess which is annoying

  3. Im buying some at the weekend so thanks for the heads up!

  4. I have never tried any of their bathboms before, the green one is pretty but shame its expensive for its size. Which other ones would you reccomend? :)

    1. My favourite is the Dragons Egg which smells like sherbet, Think Pink is a lovely little one that's one of the cheaper ones and it has little pink confetti hearts in it too. If you like rose scented stuff then I'd recommend Rose Queen, I will be doing a post dedicated to my favourite bath bombs with proper reviews next week. Hope this helps.
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  5. i *love* the big blue bath bomb... even with all the seaweed. it makes me feel like a mermaid! xo


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