Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Summary

Lots of Lush baths, Trying to do victory rolls for the first time, making my own Sex Bomb bath bomb at Lush and a very tasty chocolate duck that Pete brought me.

Where I've been- I've been out quite a lot this week which has been good for me but rather bad for my poor purse. I went to the cinema on Wednesday with my brother and a few of his friends which he kindly paid for, it was really nice to hang out with him as we very rarely go out together without the rest of the family. I also went shopping with my mom and we went to a Lush workshop and got to make and keep 2 Sex Bomb bath bombs which was a lot of fun. I had to go shopping with my brother to help him buy clothes and a mothers day present which was fun if a little stressful. I went out for dinner at The Gate last night for Pete's dad and his fiance's birthdays and had a very tasty but really big Mexican chicken enchilada and for dessert a rose wine and elderflower jelly. Today I went out for lunch with my family for mothers day and gave my mom her presents. I'm now I'm staying at Pete's so we can travel to uni together in the morning.
Music- I've listened to an excessive amount of Metric this week and am uber excited for the new album in a couple of months.
Currently lusting after- Shoes as it would appear all my shoes have decided to fall apart at the same time so I may have to pick my self up some creeper style flatforms soon or I may be walking around shoeless.
Mood- happy but disappointed in the lack of motivation I've had this week.
Product of the week- Soap & Glory Super Eyes eye gel, lack of sleep is giving me eye suitcases at the minute so I've introduced an eye cream into my skin care routine. I'm very glad I did, as this product is absolutely lovely, you only need a tiny bit and it has a lovely tingly cooling effect which leaves my skin looking and feeling refreshed.
Movie- I went to see Wanderlust with my brother and it was hilarious although this is largely due to the awesome Paul Rudd as the plot itself is somewhat predictable and a bit crappy. I also watched The Last House On The Left which, for a remake, was actually ok although I find it a bit odd that the lead actress was the star of Aquamarine before this, how do you go from a happy child friendly mermaid to being tortured in the woods.
Eating- Lots of tasty but really unhealthy food including a delicious Chinese takeaway this evening.
Drinking- We finished our lovely meal at The Gate with shots of Sambuca which seemed a little odd for a family meal but I do enjoy the odd Sambuca. I've been drinking port and wine today which has been nice.
Wishing- I had more patience and could concentrate on the important things I need to do.
Looking forward to- Next week should be a lot quieter than this one so I'm looking forward to lots of drawing sessions in my jammies.
Highlight- This whole week has been really great but the Lush bath bomb making session was so much fun so that was probably my highlight.
Goal for next week- Work. Work. Work.
Blog of the week- will be added later
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