Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Summary

Got up bright and early to go shopping with with Beth, Late Easter goodies from Pete half price Hotel Chocolat chocolate duck and chocolate fried eggs and soldiers, Lovely Strawberry scented Bath bomb which was full of strawberry seeds, Watching awesome films and drawing pictures in my pjs = bliss, me and my hair that desperately needs a cut, A little putty rubber man because I'm easily distracted, Easter treats from Cadbury and Lush.

Where I've been- I've literally only left the house twice this week but as one occasion was going shopping with Beth I'm not complaining and I have been getting quite a lot done this week including uni work and tidying up the clutter in my room.
Currently lusting after- Many things including; Creepers (I do really need some shoes that aren't boots or heels so I may have to make this happen), the £10 mini skin care set by Benefit, this skirt from River Island and the new Marina And The Diamonds album.
Mood- A little bit sad, it's a year to the day that my lovely Grandad passed away and I'm missing him terribly, he was always cheerful and had amazing stories from travelling the world in the navy, I really can't believe it's been a year already.
Product of the week- The Lush Fluffy Egg has been my favourite this week as it smells so sweet and turns the water a delightful pink which really brightens up dull afternoons and April showers, I really wish I'd stocked up on these as they are now gone for another year : [
Movie- The Runaways and The Devil Wears Prada.
Eating- Too. Much. Chocolate.
Drinking- I got unreasonably drunk last night and have felt awful all day but as it's self inflicted I guess I deserve it but two of my best friends were out and I haven't seen them much recently so I got a bit carried away and consumed five large glasses of wine (two were before tea though so I feel like that cancels them out), a long island ice tea, a kermit (my  bartender friends concoction of rum, malibu, blue curaco and orange juice) and a double vodka and coke.
Wishing- I wasn't quite so stressed about my final month of uni, I may be losing my marbles a bit.
Looking forward to-  A few stress free evenings at the pub with Beth. I may stick to just diet coke though.
Highlight- Shopping, although I did spend more than I had intended and went a bit crazy on the nail varnish front.
Goal for next week- Get all of my sketches done so that I can move forward with this project and move towards my final outcomes.
Blog of the week- Amy Babyface

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  1. I always lurk in Hotel Chocolat after holidays too hehe, got to love the bargains ;D

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and it's totally adorable:) Want to follow each other?


    1. Thank you, following your blog now :-)

  3. ahh I wish I'd got some of the lush easter stuff! x

    1. The fluffy egg is amazing I'll definitely be stocking up next year : ]

  4. cute rubber man :)
    ♥ xxx

  5. lovely photos and yum chocolate :)


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