Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Summary

Drawing the text parts of my current projects to go with the animals I've drawn, My go to hairstyle of the week as it keeps my hair out of the way while I draw, Delicious Easter chocolate from Hotel Chocolat that I've been savouring, Lovely gold eye shadow I wore out to dinner, My moms birthday cake which I felt necessary to adorn with a number 4 for no real reason, A very very sickly desert at The Rock- cookie dough pizza with chocolate brownie pieces, marshmallows, popping candy and chocolate sauce, More hand written typography I've done this week, Starting to put together my final images.

Where I've been - At home working my butt off, I haven't really gone anywhere interesting this week which is kind of a good thing as I've got lots of work done and hardly spent any money (except a couple of little purchases from antique shops and ebay which I shall post next week hopefully).
Music- Mumford & Sons.
Mood- Grumpy as I've had a horrible sickness bug for the past couple of days.
Movie- Despicable Me, I absolutely love it and The Break-Up which was just a bit meh really but I was doing work at the same time so it made for pleasant background noise I suppose.
Eating- We went out for dinner for my moms birthday where I had a delicious chicken burger with nachos and an amazing if ridiculously sickly cookie dough pizza, it was a sharer dessert so everyone had a little bit I aimed to eat about half but I couldn't quite manage it. For the past two days all I've been able to eat is one ryvita thin which is kind of torture as my mom has brought lots of lovely fruit to make us eat healthy again, I'm so hungry right now the pictures of Wednesdays cookie pizza are making me drool.
Drinking- I've been trying to drink less to try and save my money and I only drank on wednesday night when Pete brought my drinks so it worked rather well this week, I had a lovely  Mixed Berry Koppaberg and a few glasses of rose.
Wishing- This bug would do one.
Looking forward to- Going out and seeing some friends and going shopping with my mom.
Goal for next week- Try and get a lot more sketchbook work done as well as getting pictures off my camera that I've taken over the past two weeks and scheduling a load of blog posts.
Blog of the week- Courtney--xo

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  1. That cookie dough thing looks amazing! Oh I love mixed fruit Kopparberg, that is to thank for many a good, forgetful college night out!

    1. It was delicious but soooo sickly and koppaberg is the best cider : ]


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