Thursday, 31 May 2012

Review- Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream

I brought the Benefit mini skin care set (£10) a little while ago as I'd been dying to try out their skin care range and it's great to be able to try out the products without having to fork out around £20 per item, so far I've only tried the eye cream but I think I may have fallen in love. I've been using Soap & Glory's Supereyes eye gel for a little while which has a nice tingle upon application and leaves my eye area feeling tightened and refreshed, but I've found the effects don't last all that long and it didn't do enough for my under eye circles to convince me to repurchase.
Where as this tiny pot of wonder had much more impressive results, the formula is lovely, very creamy without being too heavy and it slowly soaked in and left my skin feeling incredibly soft, I applied it at night before going to sleep and usually I wake up with hideous shadows beneath my eyes but with this my skin looked noticeably brighter and my eyes looked a lot less tired. I love the packaging for the skin care products and the full size versions are even cuter, blue tinted glass bottles and pots with cream lids made to look like corks.   
I'm really tempted to buy a full size (I must mention that a full size pot is actually still quite small) pot but it has quite a hefty price tag at £23.50 so I think I'll wait until I've finished my Soap & Glory Supereyes before I take the plunge and head to the Benefit counter.

Have you tried any of the Benefit skin range and which is your favourite? 

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Plaid Shirt- Charity Shop
T-shirt- From a concert 
Dip Dye Trousers- River Island
Necklace- Ebay
Spiked Ring- Topshop
Bracelets- H&M
Bag- River Island

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Catch Up and a Thank you

I haven't been on here for a little while as I have been completing my last ever university project but I handed it in yesterday so I am now free and you can expect a lot more from this blog from now on. I thought I'd do a little catch up post as I missed my sunday post yesterday due to a mixture of stress, finishing work and a horrendous hangover but this is what the past week has consisted of.

My H&M order arrived : ], I dip dyed my hair pink, I've been living in my creepers, Keeping beer cool in a paddling pool,  Koppaberg + sun= heaven, One of many cocktails which lead to the hangover from hell, Too many fishbowls, Me and Freya looking way more sober than we were, I printed some tote bags for uni, Me and Pete celebrated the end of uni with a trip to Ed's Diner in Selfridges, Chilli dog with cheese sauce yummy.

I'd like to thank those of you who read and commented on my Friday post "Hey You" and I'm looking forward to drawing your lovely photos and if anyone else thinks they may be interested please read and comment on the post.

At the same time as handing in my final ever uni project I reached 100 followers and I'd just like to thank all of you who take the time to follow my blog and comment on my musings, it honestly means so much and as a thank you to all you lovely people I will be holding my first ever give-away within the next couple of weeks. I've been collecting little bits for the give-away for a couple of weeks but as I'm buying the prize myself  don't expect anything too big.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Feature Friday: Hey You

I will be handing in my last ever university project on Monday and I have been thinking about what to do next regarding my illustration. I'm hoping to open an Etsy store selling tote bags within the next couple of months featuring the work I've just completed but I'm now looking for a new project/subject to draw. My last project before this was about fashion illustration and I absolutely loved drawing people and clothes so I'd love to do more of that as soon as possible, and that's where you guys come in, in the five months I've been blogging I've felt really inspired by people's outfits photos and FOTD posts so I'm looking for people who will let me draw their photos. I know a lot of you out their like to have little illustrations for your headers so I'd be open to requests for illustrations to feature on you blogs designs or headers or if you'd just be kind enough to volunteer your photos for me to draw and feature on my illustration blog. Here are some examples of my past fashion illustration work and if you are at all interested please let me know in a comment below.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Design Your Dream Shoes For The Chance To Win £2000 To Spend At are giving you the chance to win £2000 to spend on their site as well as your dream shoes being made into a real pair. 
I found out about this wonderful comp from Talbs x blog and got a bit excited and perhaps a bit carried away and have spent my morning designing these when I should really be doing my work but anyway, please feel free to vote for my designs if you like them, my favourites are the second (I was going for an irregular choice kind of look) and last ones which I would definitely love to wear.
If you enter feel free to post a link to your designs below as I would love to see them 

To enter you can design your own dream shoes here

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NOTD: Barry M Blue Magnetic Polish

Despite being a bit disappointed with how my first attempt at using magnetic nail varnish turned out (see the black version of this polish here) when I saw this lovely blue shade in Boots I decided to give them another shot and I'm very glad I did. This time the effect appeared as soon as I hovered the magnet above the nail and really stood out, the colour isn't quite as dark as my photo makes out it's a dark blue with the pale blue pattern. You only need two coats and I was very pleased with how opaque the colour is from just one coat, you could definitely just wear one coat of the blue if you didn't fancy the pattern as the shade is a lovely metallic blue on its own. I've also found that this polish seems to stay chip free a lot longer than most polishes but that may be perhaps due to the fact you apply it in two thin coats (I do have a tendency to go a bit overboard with most polishes and apply a few too many coats).
These polishes are available from Superdrug and Boots for £4.99 and come in four different colours with each producing it's own specific pattern, I may have to pick up the red and purple ones but I really shouldn't.

Have you tried these polishes yet?

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Yay finally an OOTD where the photos are actually almost decent, I had a clear out of my room and found my tripod so expect better pictures from now on.
Anyway this is what I wore for lunch out with my family.

Shirt- Select
Vest- Primark
Jeans- H&M
Brogues- Primark
Collar Necklace- Dorothy Perkins
Ear Cuff- Topshop
Claw Earrings- I have had these for ages but I think they were from River Island

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Review- Bourjois 1 Second Nail Varnish Remover

There's been a lot of hype surrounding this product and after seeing loads of positive reviews I had to try it for myself and I was pleased to find it was every bit as good as the reviews promised. The product itself is not a new idea and there are other, cheaper, nail varnish removers that work in the same way, so what sets this apart from the rest.
I think one of the main reasons this is so popular is the fact it doesn't leave your nails stinking of chemicals, the product itself smells pretty much the same as all removers but it leaves a nice berry scent on your nails, the formula also contains nourishing sweet almond oil to leave your nails feeling healthy.

I have a tendency to apply varnish quite liberally and the nail pictured above has at least 5 coats of polish so it would have been a real miracle if it could remove that in one second, I'd say if you were wearing 2 to 3 thin coats of polish that this remover could leave your nail spotless in about 2 to 3 seconds. 
The second picture shows my nail after around about 4 seconds and the third picture is after about 6 or 7 seconds which is a hell of a lot quicker than any remover I've tried before and I love that it leaves the nail completely spotless as it can be really irritating to remove stubborn bits from the edges of your nails with cotton wool. As the Models Own Indian Ocean polish I was wearing has a glittery finish to it I was fairly impressed at how quickly and easily it disappeared, I am yet to try it with a proper glitter polish but I have seen reviews claiming that it tackles these just as easily but takes a little longer. A pot of this miracle product costs £4.99, I'm not sure how long the product will last but the pot is about the height of a small Lush shower gel and twice the width so I'm fairly hopeful about how long it will last. Considering how much easier it makes removing even the most stubborn of polishes I'm more than happy to part with a fiver and it's definitely something I'll repurchase in the future.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

What's In My Bag- Spring Edition

What's in my beloved River Island bag this month:

- Primark Purse (I love it because it turquoise but it's really annoying me that the card slots on one half of the purse are just a tiny bit too small for any cards lol)
- Trevor Sorbie Comb
- Maybelline Lip Stain (This may be quite old)
- Primark Sunglasses (ever the optimist)
- I HAVE to have a pen of some kind on me at all times 
- Hair bobble because all this rain generally results in an explosion of frizz on my head 
- Mints
- MUA Lipstick
- Ooh La Lift Benefit mini
- My phone
- Vaseline Rosy Lips
- Girl Meets Pearl Sample, I tend to pick these up specifically for handbag purposes 
- Bourjois Mineral Radiance Powder

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Summary

Pete brought me a kinder egg to cheer me up when I was grumpy, Pull back car from said kinder egg, Last two big drawings for this project, Scones and biscuits on a rainy afternoon, A little treat from my mom cookies and cream and ocean mini bath bombs, Feeding my Burton obsession, very yummy vegetables, Rainbow cookies and drawing.
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Where I've been- This week has seemed to last a long time, I went to uni for my last ever tutorial on Monday, spent the entirety of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday getting as much work done as possible and I can happily say all my finals are done and my little sketchbook is full so I can spend this week filling the bigger sketchbook. I went out with my mom on Thursday to see Dark Shadows which I really liked and we inadvertently ended up shopping too so expect a post of my purchases next Saturday. Last night we went to Go Kids Go for a friends girlfriends 21st and then up town where we met some lovely people and a number of fish-bowls were consumed, me and Pete got home sensibly at 2 and ate a subway in my pjs. 
Music- Hole
Mood- Stressed
Movie- Dark Shadows and Hall Pass which was pretty crappy.
Eating- I've been snacking way too much this week on junk food.
Wishing- I could stop stressing so much and sleep better.
Looking forward to- Next Saturday, I have resolved to get all my work done and ready to hand in as my friend is having an all day house party and has brought an insane amount of booze including all the necessary ingredients for his signature green cocktails which I love and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate the end of this project.
Goal for next week- Finish. All. Work. 
Thought of the week- Some people are the very definition of fair weather friend and quite frankly I'm not interested.
Blog of the week- Frances Cassandra

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