Thursday, 24 May 2012

Design Your Dream Shoes For The Chance To Win £2000 To Spend At are giving you the chance to win £2000 to spend on their site as well as your dream shoes being made into a real pair. 
I found out about this wonderful comp from Talbs x blog and got a bit excited and perhaps a bit carried away and have spent my morning designing these when I should really be doing my work but anyway, please feel free to vote for my designs if you like them, my favourites are the second (I was going for an irregular choice kind of look) and last ones which I would definitely love to wear.
If you enter feel free to post a link to your designs below as I would love to see them 

To enter you can design your own dream shoes here

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  1. The first design you poses is amazing!! :D

  2. I've voted for the last one, this is my design:

    Cerys ♥


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