Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NOTD- A right mess

So I was attempting to try and do a galaxy print but it didn't turnout well although oddly I did get quite a lot of compliments on them, I have no idea why, and it was an absolute pain to remove all the glitter so I won't be trying this again soon. But here are the polishes I used in case you wish to create equally messy nails:

Topshop in Gyspy Night
Barry M- White and Silver
Rimmel- Turquoise
Primark Nail Art Pen in White
Rimmel- Silver and blue glitter
Models Own- Ibiza Mix

: ]


  1. I really like these, know what you mean about the glitter though - it's an absolute chore to get off.
    JS xx

  2. I really like this actually :) x

  3. really pretty! & oh glitters tell me about it! lol btw, I chose you for a blogger award! hope you can stop by my blog and check it out :)


  4. Really cute nails x Thnaks for the comment you left me it's interesting to hear you leave it in for so long xx I was wondering what colour do you use?

    1. I'm using Cyclamen at the moment which is a darker pink than Pinkissimo and I mix it with a lot of conditioner, about 3/4 conditioner to a bit of dye, so it leaves my hair really soft.
      : ]


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