Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Summary

I'm currently in Glastonbury so here's my week (til Friday) in instagram pictures:

I love the Benefit mini skin set I wish I could afford the full size versions, enjoying a slushy after a little pre weekend away shopping, Late night bubble baths just before bed, Trying to pretend I'm by the sea, Elderflower & Lime Koppaberg is really nice, Chiquitos lunch before the cinema- bbq chicken fajitas and bbq pulled pork bruschetta, We managed to go to the safari park on the only sunny day this week which was pretty awesome but has resulted in me having quite a sunburnt neck and shoulders I also have a nasty bruise on my elbow from too many trips on the Rapids, Log Flume and Rhino Rollercoaster but it was an amazing day, Pjs + Glamour = Heaven, I tried to do daisy nail art but my crappy Primark pen just made fried eggs instead.
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  1. Looks like a nice week :) good drinks, great food and a trip to the safari park!


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