Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Summary

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melt, Fudge Brownie milkshake soooo yummy, We spent last weekend looking after a slightly grumpy Jake, Pete made me tacos : ], New addiction, Current favourite tea, Bubble bath with a ridiculous amount of bubbles, Lush Emotional Brilliance launch, Having a little drink with my mom.

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Where I've Been- I spent the first half of the week with a horrible cold pretty much living on my computer job hunting, I went out to the pub to see my best friend as she's just gone on holiday and I won't be seeing her for a couple of weeks : [. The highlight of my week was definitely the Emotional Brilliance Launch on Friday but this weekend has been pretty lovely too, I've spent a quiet couple of days with Pete playing Cluedo with my parents and drinking wine.
Music- Marina And The Diamonds
Product Of The Week- As I was ill for most of the week I haven't used too many beauty items so I'm going to have to be boring with this weeks choice and say Radox bubble bath because I do love a bubble bath when I'm feeling ill my favourites are the Stress Relief and Muscle Soak.
Looking forward to- I will be spending most of my week job hunting but me and Pete are going to go to the cinema on Wednesday to see The Dark Knight Rises followed by Ice Age: Continental Drift, there will probably be a pub trip or two as well as it's my friends birthday this week. 
Goal for next week- Draw, sort out more stuff to put on eBay, continue job searching and as I finally have ink now I will finally be printing my tote bags.

: ]

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  1. Twirl bites are so good! Looks like a fun week :) x


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