Friday, 31 August 2012

Feature Friday: August Empties

This month I have used up:

Radox Muscle Soak Bubble Bath
I buy too many bottles of Radox I think I've inherited my nan's Radox addiction, anyway this is one of favourites the smell is very relaxing and it creates a huge amount of bubbles, what more could you ask for in a bubble bath.
Would I buy again: Yes I've already replaced it.

Garnier Firming Body Tonic
I've had this for ages and have been trying really hard to use it up which as you can see I have done, it leaves my skin feeling noticeably firmer but the smell is very strong and unfortunately not to my liking it's quite citrus like and zesty but also verges on the side of bathroom cleaner in my opinion. It also takes quite a while to soak in and sits on the skin for a while afterwards leaving a tacky coating for a good few hours.
Would I buy again: No as I find Jergens to be better.

Soap & Glory Face Soap
I did a little review of this here and my thoughts are pretty much the same now, it smells great and leaves my face feeling really refreshed.
Would I buy again: Yes, but probably not anytime soon as I can't justify it's price tag right now.

Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life
I used this up at Pete's and may have fallen in love with it, to me the formula is absolutely fantastic, the perfect mixture  between a scrub and a gel and it smells incredible, sweet and fruity.
Would I buy again: Yes without a doubt.

Lush Charity Pot
I've had this tiny pot for a ridiculous amount of time and somewhat forgot about it, I'd personally say this is more of autumn/winter product, the smell is warm and chocolatey thanks to the cocoa butter, it's quite a watery formula but it soaks in really quickly and the lovely scent lingers for ages.
Would I buy again: For £1 I'll definitely be purchasing this during the colder months as it's perfect for keeping in your handbag to save dry cold hands.

The Rectory Spa Body Cream (part of a gift set)
I don't really have much to say about this, it left my skin pretty soft and didn't have too strong a scent.
Would I buy again: As this was part of a gift set I won't be buying it again.

17 Photoflawless Primer
I did a little review of this here and it's safe to say I love it, it's the perfect everyday primer in my books.
Would I buy again: I repurchased this just before I ran out as I cannot bare to be without it.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Current Most Used- Body/Skincare Products


Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Lotion
I've had this for ages, it's the second bottle I've bought but I did have a little break from it while I was trying to use up another lotion. This is really great, it smells lovely and absorbs pretty quickly which is a big bonus for me. My skin is left feeling really soft and after a few uses I really notice my skin feeling and looking more firm, I've tried quite a few firming body lotions and this is definitely my favourite.

Ted Baker Body Spray
I've been trying to use this up as I wasn't initially overly keen on the smell but the more I've used it the more the smell has grown on me, I really suck at describing fragrances but I'd say this is quite sweet and a little bit musky. I use this after a shower or bath and before I put my pjs on, it's been very refreshing during the summer months and I've managed to use up quite a lot. I don't think I'd buy this again as I prefer Soap & Glory's body sprays.

Lush Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar
I have two of these and both are pretty much new, as I haven't been going out too much lately due to lack of pennies so I haven't really had any need to be coated in glitter but a few weeks ago I thought screw it and have taken to using this on any old day. I'm actually really glad I have as I've realised it's much more than a chunk of glitter, first of all it smells great and it's really moisturising. Obviously this isn't for everyone and a lot of people probably can't stand the thought of walking around like a disco ball but I'm an absolute glitter addict and it's been brightening up the seemingly endless rain of late. 

The Body Shop Body Butters
My scent/flavour of choice right now is strawberry and I have used this throughout spring and summer and might be addicted. The scent is very strong and really lingers, so much so that Pete says his room smells of strawberry the day after I've stayed over. The texture is really thick and nourishing, I use this on my hands and arms as I tend to suffer from dry bumpy patches on my upper arms and this makes them virtually disappear. As I only use this on my arms (I use Jergens everywhere else) it is lasting me months, I recently emptied the smaller tub I keep at Pete's and refilled it from my larger tub but I still have loads left so I definitely think they're worth their £12.50 price tag. Once this has been used up I will be moving onto their Chocomania which smells absolutely glorious and is the perfect scent for autumn in my opinion. 

Soap & glory shower scrubs 
I've already expressed my love for S&G's scrub's on here, my current scrubs of choice are Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em which I use when I'm at Pete's and I'm about to start using their Sugar Scrub now that I have a working shower at home and I cannot wait as it smells fantastic.

What's your current most used skincare product?

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NOTD- The Blues

I honestly think I'm addicted to Barry M's Blueberry Ice cream it is by far my most used nail varnish and it's featured in a good number of my NOTD's, this week I went for all Barry M colours, I used; Blueberry Ice Cream, Silver and Blue (Electric Dreams) from their retro collection. I did the design free hand so the lines aren't as straight as they could be but overall I was pretty pleased with the outcome, I topped them off with my H&M matt top coat as I think it looks great over blues. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Summary

Pj cuddles last Sunday night, I might have played Grand Theft Auto all Monday, Cutting up my bubble bars to make sure I don't use half the bar per bath, Watching dvd's whilst sorting things out for eBay, Drinking apple Sourz in the bath because I'm a classy gal, A little drunk pj photo after a night out with the bestie, Karma bubble bath, driving to Pete's in the sun listening to The Hives, Upcoming NOTD.
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Where I've Been- Again I haven't done a whole lot this week and I haven't been too good on the blogging front either as my brothers been using the computer all week but I have quite a few posts planned so I promise I'll be better this week. I went for drinks with Beth on Friday night and had a good old gossip which was lovely and Pete stayed at mine last night and brought with him a Domino's pizza which was seriously tasty. As usual I'm spending my Sunday night at Pete's, we've spent our day cooking bacon sandwiches and visiting my nan and we'll no doubt spend our evening watching TV and drinking wine.
Watching- As well as the pile of DVD's above there have been some awesome/awful films on Film 4 during their current Frightfest season and I've found myself staying up until silly o'clock watching terrible horror films including: Frozen (hilarious), Thirst (very wierd), F, Ils (Them),  The Crazies, Carriers, Sorority Row and The Loved Ones, tonight I'll probably end up watching The Final Destination.
Product Of The Week- Soap & Glory Hand Food, this is actually my mom's but I've been 'borrowing' this a lot this week as it smells incredible and leaves my hands seriously soft, I'll definitely be buying my own tube when I run out of my Body Shop Body Butters.
Looking forward to-  Me and P are going to the cinema on Wednesday to see The Watch as it looks hilarious and I can't say no to anything involving Richard Ayoade. I'm also looking forward to being able to have a shower at my house as the wall mount for the shower has been broken for months but has finally been replaced,so I can start using the Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub I brought months ago as well as the tiny bottle of Lush Snow Fairy I've been saving since Christmas.
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Friday, 24 August 2012

Feature Friday: August Inspiration

Here's what's been inspiring me this month:

I'm a lover of all things savoury but I've had a serious sweet tooth this month and this all looks incredible:

I want skulls and studs on everything and I need the shirt:

These beautiful skirts and dresses:

Current hair envy:

Autumn wardrobe inspiration

Insanely pretty trinket boxes (I think these are from Urban Outfitters)

New Girl is once again occupying my Tuesday nights followed by Suburgatory:

Reminiscing about awesome things from the 90's such as these two amazing films:

NOTD inspirations:

I'm actually really looking forward to Autumn already I like to be cosy, other reasons Autumn is awesome: pretty leaves, layering, knitwear, cuddles, hot chocolate....

What's inspiring you this month?
All images found on We Heart It.

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