Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A (Longer Than Expected) Look At Primers

Since trying my beloved Porefessional Primer at Christmas, primers have become an absolute essential in make-up bag and I've tried numerous different types so I thought I'd do a little review post of ones I've tried.
Let's start with the cheapest:
MUA: £4 (27ml)

I only brought this last week but unfortunately after wearing it once I've decided it's not for me and it's now taken up residency in my mom's make-up bag. MUA claim this creates "the perfect base for you to pop your makeup on top of" it does this by " slightly mattifying the skin, smoothing out the texture and helping reduce pore size". There are loads of great reviews of this out there so obviously it works for some people, for me I just found the formula to be entirely wrong for my skin, the product is a white liquid and is quite runny in comparison to the other primers I've tried. I found it to have absolutely no mattifying qualities at all in fact in made my skin feel quite greasy and unpleasant, if you have normal to dry skin this would perhaps create a nice dewy effect but for combination to oily types it's not great at all. I would say it does smooth out texture a little but on areas where my pores are quite visible (nose and cheeks) I found it to actually make my pores more visible as it sunk into them rather than covering them. I decided to give it a fair try and wore it out shopping for the day to see if it could keep my foundation in place all day which it pretty much did but even with foundation on top it made my skin look shiny and greasy. On a whole I won't be using this again and will probably avoid primers with a similar liquidy texture as they just don't suit my skin, my mom on the other hand who has normal/dry skin thinks it's great and for the price and the size of the product I'd say it's an absolute bargain for normal/dry skin types.

17 Photoflawless Skin Primer: £4.99 (15ml)

I've just repurchased this as I absolutely love it, I use this as part of my everyday make-up and it never leaves my make-up bag. 17 say "Not only will it ensure your make-up is even by minimising pores, it will create the perfect canvas for your foundation allowing it to glide on seamlessly." This really suits my skin, the product itself is a clear silky gel like formula which glides across skin really easily and it does make my pores appear noticeably smaller (although not as well as The Porefessional). It makes my foundation apply really smoothly and keeps it fade free all day, however on a couple of occasions when my skin has been a bit dry around my chin I have found that it has flaked off a little shortly after application so this may not be well suited to dry skin types.
I really can't fault this, it's very reasonably priced, scent free and the perfect formula for my skin I just wish it came in a bigger tube.

Benefit Porefessional: £23.50 (22ml)

This is my absolute favourite primer but as with all Benefit products it carries quite a hefty price tag but the quality is fantastic. The formula is similar to that of 17's Photoflawless, it feels incredibly silky and glides beautifully over my skin, it's quite a pale nude shade which really helps to blur imperfections and hides my pores almost completely. I really can't find any fault with this, it's the perfect primer and makes my foundation apply wonderfully making my skin look really smooth and my pores hardly visible. It is quite expensive and I wish you got a bigger tube for your money but it is really fantastic, I like to keep this for when I'm going somewhere nice as I'm trying to make it last but I've been wearing it more frequently recently as I bagged myself two of the mini versions with Glamour magazine a few months ago and it will definitely be on my birthday wishlist come December.

Benefit Lemon Aid: £16.50 (2.70g)

I wasn't sure whether to include this as it is just for your eyes but it is a primer so here it is, Lemon Aid is light yellow cream which you apply to your lids before putting on your eye shadow. It's supposed to act as a colour corrector so shadows will appear on your skin the same colour as they are in their packaging, as well as giving your shadows more staying power. I think this works best with powder eye shadows as they cling to the creamy formula, I use this a lot and have been using it even more since buying my MUA Undressed palette, the yellow colour of the product may not work on all skin tones but it works great on my pale skin. I've definitely noticed my eyeshadow lasting longer when worn with this, I sometimes like a more bold eye shadow (mostly blues) and it really makes colours a lot brighter and more vivid.
It is a little pricey but it's lasting very well and I'm getting lots of use out it so I'll repurchase this when it runs out.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance: £16.50 (11g)

I brought this when I was going through a glitter phase and had a few pots of loose glitter that I couldn't make stick and after waking up from a night out to find glitter all over my face and in my eye (a little painful) I went on the hunt for something to make it stay put. I headed straight for the Benefit counter to look at Stay Don't Stray (£19.50) but decided to have a look at the other stands to see if their was a cheaper alternative and stumbled across this one by Too Faced which is specifically for glitter as well as being a tiny bit cheaper.  The name is very apt as the formula is very sticky, in all honesty this makes it a little tricky to apply and it can be a bit difficult to spread the glitter evenly across the lid but with a bit of work you can create a nice glittery eye which will last the night without straying too far from where you put it.
For the price I'm not sure I'd repurchase it as their are probably better and cheaper alternatives on the market but as I've been more into neutrals as of late this tube should last me a good while anyway.

Primers I'd like to try next:
Too Faced Primed and Poreless 35ml- £22.00
I tried a little of this the last time I was in Boots and the formula is very close to that of my beloved Porefessional and what drew me to the primer mainly was the fact that it's quite a bit bigger than the Porefessional, you get over a third more in this for £1 less.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer 30ml- £19.50
Again this is bigger than the Porefessional so you're getting more for your money and I've really been liking No7's skin care range recently and with Boots frequently giving away those magic little £5 off vouchers I will definitely be trying this out at some.

Benefit "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer 11g- £21.50
I got a sample of this with Glamour too but I haven't gotten round to trying it properly but I've read some really great reviews.

What's your favourite primer?
: ]

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  1. thank you so much for this! I was just about to buy the NARS primer today but now I think I'll have a look at the benefit one! Have you tried the NARS primer and (if you have) how does it weigh up in comparison?

    again, great post and great blog! :-) xx

    1. I've never tried any NARS products I'm afraid so I don't know what it's like but I adore the Porefessional and thank you for the compliments
      : ]

  2. I hated benefit that gal primer, did nothing for me and was awfully runny. Didn't rate it at all, maybe i should try the porefessional one!

    Your post was awesome.

  3. Aww great post hun, really enjoyed reading :) I love my Benefit Porefessional :) and really want to try Lemon aid heard so many great things and just love the name :)


  4. Ah primers. I must get myself one! I've tried the Benefit one above and it's great.

  5. Really great post lovely! I love the sound of the MUA primer, might have to give that a go soon! xo

  6. I've tried a couple of primers and the porefessional is my favourite, I just wish it was a bit cheaper! Lemon Aid sounds good for using with eyeshadows, I'll keep a lookout for it!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  7. Hi there) I like your blog very much. I would be happy to be friends with you. Could we follow each other?


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