Monday, 13 August 2012

Sunday Summary

So for some reason this didn't post properly last night but here we go:

I love sugar skulls so pretty, Recieved my MUA order including a nail varnish explosion : [ but they've already sent me a replacement : ], Enjoying a Karma Bubble Bar, Trying a new t-shirt in Primark, New Topshop Headband, Taking Jake for walkies, Yesterdays outfit, All worn out after his walk, Pete makes the best Spaghetti Bolognese, Silly Jake with Cheese on his nose, Delicious After Dark Chocolate and Banoffee Cheesecake , I loved these as a kid and they were just 40p in Asda how could I resist.

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Where I've Been- I've applied for quite a lot of jobs over the past few weeks and between rejections e-mails and waiting for responses that never come I've been feeling a little down but I've applied for a few jobs that I feel a bit more hopeful about so I thought I'd take a week out and try and distract myself before continuing the search. Pete spent a few days with his friends which gave me chance to catch up with my lovely Beth we spent a couple of evenings at the pub having a good old gossip, I also went shopping with my mom and handed out a couple of CVs for Christmas jobs. As the many photos above show I spent the weekend with Pete looking after Jake and having him cook me tacos, spag bol and bacon sandwiches.
Watching- The Sex In The City movie was on tv this week which of course meant I had to watch Sex In The City 2 as well, we've also watched a lot of crappy Adam Sandler films this weekend including Funny People which was just really long and kind of depressing.
Product Of The Week- Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life, I've just ran out of my travel sized version which I keep at Pete's and will definitely repurchase it at some point (right now it's been replaced by Body Shops Strawberry Scrub). I love thier potted scrubs like Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em but I prefer the consistency of this especially if I'm in a rush, it's the perfect mix of shower gel and scrub and it tends to last a lot longer than the pots as a little goes a long way. The scent is great for summer as well very sweet and a bit fruity.
Looking forward to- More Beth time and hopefully more sunshine.

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  1. I love sugar skulls, keep your hopes up about the jobs :) x

  2. I love your hair! The colors are so cool.
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