Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Summary

Pj cuddles last Sunday night, I might have played Grand Theft Auto all Monday, Cutting up my bubble bars to make sure I don't use half the bar per bath, Watching dvd's whilst sorting things out for eBay, Drinking apple Sourz in the bath because I'm a classy gal, A little drunk pj photo after a night out with the bestie, Karma bubble bath, driving to Pete's in the sun listening to The Hives, Upcoming NOTD.
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Where I've Been- Again I haven't done a whole lot this week and I haven't been too good on the blogging front either as my brothers been using the computer all week but I have quite a few posts planned so I promise I'll be better this week. I went for drinks with Beth on Friday night and had a good old gossip which was lovely and Pete stayed at mine last night and brought with him a Domino's pizza which was seriously tasty. As usual I'm spending my Sunday night at Pete's, we've spent our day cooking bacon sandwiches and visiting my nan and we'll no doubt spend our evening watching TV and drinking wine.
Watching- As well as the pile of DVD's above there have been some awesome/awful films on Film 4 during their current Frightfest season and I've found myself staying up until silly o'clock watching terrible horror films including: Frozen (hilarious), Thirst (very wierd), F, Ils (Them),  The Crazies, Carriers, Sorority Row and The Loved Ones, tonight I'll probably end up watching The Final Destination.
Product Of The Week- Soap & Glory Hand Food, this is actually my mom's but I've been 'borrowing' this a lot this week as it smells incredible and leaves my hands seriously soft, I'll definitely be buying my own tube when I run out of my Body Shop Body Butters.
Looking forward to-  Me and P are going to the cinema on Wednesday to see The Watch as it looks hilarious and I can't say no to anything involving Richard Ayoade. I'm also looking forward to being able to have a shower at my house as the wall mount for the shower has been broken for months but has finally been replaced,so I can start using the Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub I brought months ago as well as the tiny bottle of Lush Snow Fairy I've been saving since Christmas.
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  1. I could tear up a bacon sandwich right now! Yum! The nails are awesome!

  2. I'm actually thinking about buying Hand Food actually x

  3. You own some of my favourite dvds :)
    Love your nails to !
    Launa in Ponderland

  4. Love the photos, Across the Universe is one of my fave films :D



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