Monday, 24 September 2012

Favourite- Glitter Varnishes

This is the final post about my favourite nail varnishes and as you can see I couldn't whittle it down to five this time probably because I have too many pretty glitter nail varnishes.
Topshop- Gypsy Night, this is actually the only Topshop nail varnish I own which is something I plan on changing as soon as I have some kind of income but back to the polish, it is so pretty and the little amber/red bits make this glitter look pretty special. I'm yet to get a decent picture of this but you can see it here although trust me the picture really doesn't show how pretty it is up close.

Barry M- Hologram Hexograms, I have used this so much as it looks great over pretty much any nail polish, it does take a couple of coats to get decent amount of hexagrams over the nail but it as you can see it's lasting well. I've used this here over another glitter to create the same look as OPI's Muppet Collection polishes.

Barry M- Red Glitter, I adore Barry M glitters they have fantastic coverage as the glitter is quite dense so it only takes a couple of coats for complete coverage. I can guarantee that I will be using this a lot as Christmas draws near as it's the perfect festive glitter, I used this here.

Barry M- Blue Glitter, this is probably my most used glitter as it looks great with my favourite blue polishes, not much else to say about it really as it's the same formula as the red above. I used this here.

Models Own- Ibiza Mix and Angelica- Brit Pop, I love this kind of glitter (although I find they're the hardest to remove) there's so many different colours in each with Ibiza Mix having mostly golds and blues and Brit Pop having bright rainbow colours. The formulas are quite different, the Ibiza Mix gives a very light coat of glitter whereas Brit Pop's glitter is more dense and gives a very sparkly coating. I've used Ibiza Mix here and Brit Pop here.

Technic- Mermaid, So other than having a fantastic name this latest addition to my nail polish collection cost me just 99p from Body Care and it is flippin gorgeous I'm yet to use it in a NOTD but I have tried it out and it gives a pretty decent coat of glitter with just one coat so look out for pictures of this appearing on my blog fairly soon.

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  1. Would you unfollow me if I said I don't own a glitter nail varnish? Haha the topshop one looks lovely though x

  2. I really like the red and blue Barry M ones they remind of tinsel on the Christmas tree.

  3. oh my gosh i love rainbow glitter nail polishes. i'm obsessed!

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