Thursday, 27 September 2012

Product Review: Avene Samples

A little while ago I read about Avene which is a brand I was previously unaware of and I had a little look around the website and found out that if you sign up for the newsletter and fill in a little skin diagnosis questionnaire they will send you some samples every now and then. Well I signed up a few months ago and had actually forgotten all about it until I came home to find a little package addressed to me, I was delighted to open it up and find two samples aimed at my skin type.

Gentle Gel Cleanser-
This is quite a generous sized sample and it smells very similar to Benefit's B.right skin care range which smells fantastic, at first I didn't notice but it contains little orange beads and it felt really gentle on my skin leaving it clean and soft. I will warn you that the little bottle is very difficult to squeeze which makes it a little difficult to get the product out.
Would I buy it: It smells very nice and is no doubt a good cleanser but I don't think I'd go out and buy a full size.

Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF 20 Protective Hydrating Cream-
I was much more impressed with this, I really struggle to find moisturisers that hydrate my skin without making it more oily but this really suits my skin and leaves it with a soft matt finish and as I have extremely fair skin added SPF is always a bonus. 
Would I buy it: I absolutely love this and will definitely buy a full size tube in the future as it suits my skin perfectly.

Overall I was very pleased to receive these samples and probably wouldn't have tried the brand had it not been for their website and samples, I will definitely be buying Avene products in the future with the moisturiser being first on my wishlist. I was also impressed by the fact they had clearly taken my skin diagnosis into account and provided me with samples targeted at combination skin.
If you want to sign up and receive some samples you can join here.

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