Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Summary

A little treat from Pete's mom, Sex Bomb, Off to the cinema, Finally using my bottle of Snow Fairy from Christmas, Dug out my denim waistcoat, Me looking a sleepy mess, Nail painting session, My David Bowie shirt which is super comfy, Elderflower & Lime Koppaberg.
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Where I've Been- I've applied for a load of jobs this week so I've mostly been at home obsessively checking my e-mails, I went to the cinema on Wednesday with Pete and as usual I've spent my weekend at his, we had a yummy roast dinner on friday and spent yesterday mowing the lawn, watching DVDs and watching the BBC Proms (yes we are an old married couple). 
Watching- We went to see The Watch this week which was hilarious and made me love Richard Ayoade even more, we also watched Lord Of The Rings yesterday which despite the fact I love did result in me falling asleep after an hour and a half. 
Product Of The Week- Lush Shimmy Shimmy Glitter bar, as I mentioned in this post I've been using this a lot recently in attempt to cheer myself up and it is an absolute delight, it smells fantastic and leaves my skin super soft.
Looking forward to- I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that I'll get some responses from at least a few job applications this week.

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  1. Can't express how much I love your pink dip dye! x

  2. lovely photos , your hair looks amazing!!

  3. following, following, following! :)
    those gingerbread men are too cute!
    oh and i love your hair and your blog.
    you seem so down to earth and nice!
    i really hope we can speak soon,
    laura x


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