Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Summary

I look about 15 lately I keep getting asked if I'm going back to secondary school : /, Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer, My mom has made so many cupcakes this week, I went with Pete to pick someone up from the airport it only took six hours, Had my hair cut finally, Drinks at the pub with friends and this cute little guy, I've been a spider catching machine this weekend, Pete and I need to stop eating tacos especially as we eat enough for 4 people between two of us, We've spent our Sunday watching Flight Of The Conchords.

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Where I've Been- I've been to the pub a few times and drank too much cider and wine, on Wednesday I got a phone call for one of the jobs I've applied for and I had a telephone interview which I was really nervous about but I somehow made it through and have a face to face interview next Saturday, I also got an e-mail about another job and have an interview on the 25th so I'm going to be a bag of nerves for the next week and a half. Pete had to drop off and pick up a friend at Luton Airport on Thursday, he took him there at 4am and had to pick him up at 6pm the same day, I went with him to pick him up as I was staying over afterwards and I was worried about him falling asleep having driven 400 miles in one day. We went to a new pub on Friday where my friend just got a job and it will no doubt become our new 'local', I love living in a village with 9 pubs all within walking distance of my house, unfortunately my liver and wallet don't love it so much.  We are currently spending our weekend house sitting at Pete's dads, I love our quiet weekends watching dvds and cooking the few meals we know how to cook.
Listening To- This song, which you should all check out.
Product Of The Week- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Romantic, I've only had this about a week but I adore it, I normally stick to paler shades like pink or peach but I decided to be brave and try out a red and I must say I'm loving it so far and it lasts so well. I will be doing a full review of this hopefully this week.
Looking forward to- I have quite a busy week coming up which makes a pleasant change, Pete and I will be house sitting a lot over the next two weeks which makes me very happy, I need some plain black trousers for my interviews so I have a reasonable excuse to do a cheeky bit of shopping this week. On Friday I'm going to a funeral which I am definitely not looking forward to, it will be a very sad day as I say goodbye to a wonderful lady named Betty who has been my neighbour my whole life and who sadly passed last week, she was 95 and has had an amazing life. I'm also attending a party Friday night where I will be on my best behaviour and will try and remain sober as my first interview is 10am Saturday morning. Wish me luck.

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  1. Sounds like you have an exciting week ahead! Good luck with your interviews :D
    So sorry to hear about your neighbour :( xx


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