Wednesday, 3 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Eight Fears

Eight Fears:

  1. Moths- They make me feel sick I have no idea why but just the way they flap about makes me feel ill and they have all that gross dusty powder on their wings. I absolutely freak out when there's one in the room especially if it's my bedroom or the bathroom and I cannot sleep until they're dead or gone.
  2. Not Having A Plan- During my last year of uni I started to realise I had no idea what I was going to do after I left and I completely freaked out, it was the first time in my life where I had literally no idea what was coming next and I hated it and consequently right now I'm currently looking for a part time job to help me stay a float as I try to become a freelance fashion illustrator and quite honestly I'm just feeling a little lost right now.
  3. Missing Out- I read an article not too long ago in a magazine about the fear of missing out and it honestly could have been written directly for me, I'm constantly worried about missing out on things even stupid little things like if some friends want to go to the pub and I'm really not in the mood I'll drag myself there anyway because if I don't I could potentially miss out on the most exciting night at the pub ever and more often than not it just results in sitting in a pub full of old people, drinking too much cider, wishing I'd stayed in and watched telly.
  4. Wasps- They are not like bee's, bees don't want to sting you because they're nice and well they die if they sting you but wasps are just evil especially in the summer and they ignore everyone else's drinks and immerse themselves in my lovely Koppaberg.
  5. Needles- I am terrified of needles, the last time I had an injection I had a panic attack.
  6. Clowns- They are not funny, they are just creepy.
  7. That I'll Never Get A Job- This is becoming a very real fear and the process of applying for christmas jobs makes me want to rip my hair out, is it really necessary to have to answer an hours worth of questions and watch horrendous videos from current employees to apply for an 8 hour a week customer service job lasting all of three months it's ridiculous. Also I'm stuck in a vicious circle of no one wanting to employ me unless I have at least six months experience in a similar role but I can't get six months experience because no one will hire me, and any experience I have from previous work doesn't seem to count.
  8. Losing People I Care About- I lost my Grandad last year and I still can't quite process it and in the past month two people I've known and cared about my entire life have passed away they weren't technically relatives but I definitely considered them  family and the thought of losing anyone else just terrifies me. 
This post has been a little depressing so here is some cuteness to cheer you up.

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