Monday, 15 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Five Foods

Five Foods: 
(I'm going with my favourite places to eat rather than foods)

  1. Chiquitos- My all time favourite food is nachos and Chiquitos nachos are the best, for a main I normally get a chicken Chimichanga but I recently tried the bbq pulled pork Quesadilla and it was delicious, if I ever have room for dessert I get the Margarita sorbet. Also they have delicious cocktails, Green Eyes is the best.
  2. Chinese take-away- Particularly Tin Sing in Quarry Bank, sometimes when I stay at Pete's we'll get a Chinese to share between me, Pete and his mom and we always buy too much but it is so good. Our usual order is Cantonese style sweet and sour chicken, chicken chow mein, crispy shredded chilli beef and egg fried rice.
  3. The Ocean Restaurant- This is our favourite place to eat in Tenby, the food is great especially the napoli pasta and pollo risotto and if you manage to get a table by the window the view is beautiful, last time we went we managed to get there at just the right time to watch the sun set over the sea whilst we ate. 
  4. Krispy Kreme- I haven't really got much of a sweet tooth and I'll take a starter over a desert any day but Krispy Kreme doughnuts are the one sweet thing I just can not resist, my favourites are; Strawberry Gloss, Chocolate Sprinkles and Chocolate Dreamcake.
  5. Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market- I literally cannot wait for it to come back in November and I'm really sad that I'll probably only go once or twice this year, whilst I was at uni I'd pretty much go every time I was in Birmingham. The best thing about the market is the food and I always really pig out when I visit, the crepe stand is the first place I head to get a nutella filled crepe, then over to the beer hut to get hot chocolate with rum, followed by a hotdog, deep fried cheese sticks with sweet chilli sauce, chocolate covered marshmallow cones and those little flat pancake type things covered in chocolate sauce. 
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  1. I am seriously hungry after reading this haha :) Chiquitos is one of my favourites too xx


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