Thursday, 11 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Seven Wants

Seven wants:
  1. Kittens- I have wanted a cat for as long as I can remember but my mom won't let us have one as she used to have a cat who she adored who unfortunately got really ill and died and she can't face losing another cat but as soon as Pete and I have a place of our we're going to get two kittens called Biscuit and Spock.
  2. A Job- I started writing this last week and have since been offered a job, it's only temporary over Christmas but I'm hoping it will give me some good experience and help me find work a little easier in January.
  3. To Get Married- I have never ever wanted to get married, as a little girl I was too busy dreaming about being a cat in the musical Cats to dream about a big white wedding, the thought of me in a big white dress with my super pale skin made me think more of a Victorian ghost than a blushing bride. But then I met Pete and 4 years down the road I've found myself thinking about how lovely it would be to grow old together like the couple in Up. 
  4. To Move Out- If I could move out tomorrow I would, not because I'm desperate to get out of my family home I'm not and I would miss my family like crazy even if we only moved down the street, but I just feel really impatient to start the next chapter of my life especially as I know how long it will be before we'll be able to afford to move out.
  5. Get A Laptop- Lets just say one computer and three people who wish to use said computer causes a lot of arguments in my house and I will be saving up to buy a laptop as soon as possible, this is where having a geeky boyfriend who knows super cheap tech websites really comes in handy, he has found me a great laptop for £350.
  6. To Keep This Blog Going- My blog will be turning 1 in December (I'm hoping to do a birthday giveaway) and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to stick at it for a whole year as I can be a bit easily distracted and forgetful but I've loved every minute and part of the reason for me wanting a laptop is so I can blog more consistently and keep improving my little blog.
  7. To Take A Little Trip To Tenby- I have been day dreaming constantly about Tenby as we didn't have the funds to afford our annual trip this year, it's such a lovely little place and we stay at a fantastic B&B called The Croyland, the people who own it are the kindest people I've ever met. I actually want to get married there, Tenby that is not the B&B.
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