Saturday, 13 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Six Places

Six Places:

  1. Tenby- I've talked about Tenby on here before, I absolutely love the place it's so pretty and I love being by the sea.
  2. Italy- Lake Garda to be specific, Pete and I have yet to go abroad together but we're hoping we might be able to next year and this is where we want go, I've been a couple of times and I absolutely loved it, it's absolutely beautiful.
  3. Australia- My aunt moved there years ago and we went to visit for three weeks when I was 15 and I'm desperate to go back, she lived in a place called Kendenup and her house was in the middle of nowhere but it was so peaceful, we took a little road trip along the coast and saw some amazing things.
  4. Amsterdam- I have wanted to go to Amsterdam since I was 15, I just feel like it's somewhere I have to go.
  5. The Ballroom (Carling Academy) Birmingham- I have so many great memories in this building all the best gigs I've been to have been  there, I love being squashed against the railings at the front watching amazing bands and the fact that when it's over you have to really yank your feet off the sticky floors.
  6. Freya's House- Ok so I was struggling to think of a sixth but this is genuinely one of my favourite places, all the best house parties have happened at Freya's and it is my favourite place to be drunk. The great things about Freya's is she doesn't really care if you make a mess, her neighbours never complain no matter how loud we blast our trashy playlists and back in the good old days we used to stay all night and wake up the next day and walk literally 30 seconds from her house to the village centre and pick up our usual hangover remedies: Red Bull, a Kinder Egg and a cone of chips smothered in vinegar.
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