Monday, 29 October 2012

Product Review: Lush The Enchanter Bath Ballistic

The Enchanter Bath Ballistic is part of Lush's small collection of Halloween and Day Of  The Dead themed products that are only around for a very limited time. Along with The Enchanter they are also selling Twilight Shower Gel which is a purple glittery shower gel scented with lavender and a Day Of The Dead themed Shower Jelly called Calacas (which I also bought) which is molded in the shape of a sugar skull and is scented with lime.

As soon as I saw this bath ballistic I wanted to try it and when I smelt it in store I absolutely had to get one, the scent is very citrusy and fresh which set it apart from the rest of Lush's sweet or musky seasonal products. 
When placed in the water it fizzes away for quite awhile before reaching the centre which is a lovely vibrant pink turning the water from a pale yellow to a bright orange, I found that half the bomb was more than enough to make the water a delightful colour and create a lovely citrus like smell, so I got two baths out of the bomb which I think justifies it's £3.20 price tag.

The smell was really strong and lingered nicely on my skin afterwards, I'm a little sad that this is a limited edition as I absolutely love it so I'm hopefully going to get a couple more this week before they disappear.

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  1. Planning on picking one of these up ASAP, looks great x

  2. Great idea to only use half as they are quite expensive !!! -

  3. I've already bought a second one, I love it! x


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