Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday summary

This weeks nails, Frankenweenie was awesome, Girls night in with my mom, Pretty sunset, Yummy Koppaberg, Finally got my hands on the MUA nail constellations thanks to my lovely mom, Hungover Sunday roast, Haven't had these in ages, My Lush stash making the room smell delightful.

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Where I've Been- I've had a fairly quiet week ready to start my job at Debenhams on Tuesday, Pete and I went to the cinema on Wednesday and on Thursday I went to a funeral which obviously was a sad day. Last night I went for drinks with Beth and ended up having one too many (I never learn) but it was great to catch up as we haven't had chance to go out a lot since she started her new job, I've spent my Sunday in my pjs feeling quite worse for wear so I'll be having a quiet night in watching Homeland.
Watching- I saw Frankenweenie on Wednesday and absolutely loved it I will definitely be getting it when it's out on DVD. I've also been watching quite a bit of tv recently especially Homeland and Me And Mrs Jones.
Product Of The Week- I haven't used anything this week that's really stood out so I'll go with a product range instead and I have been pretty obsessed with the Lush Christmas range this week and am really looking forward to trying everything out and writing some reviews.
Next Week- I haven't seen Pete at all this weekend which has really sucked but I'm staying at his tomorrow night which I'm really looking forward to as I need a Pete cuddle, I have my induction at work on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to get started and hopefully I'll find out when I'll be working. I think a pub trip is being planned for Friday although the thought of drinking is quite off putting today so I may stay sober for a change.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I haven't had poptarts for SO long! I bet they were as delicious as remember...


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