Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Summary

Pete surprised me with a giant cookie, Lush times, First movie in my Halloween marathon, Second movie, Sweet chilli prawns, Brewers chicken, After dinner we ate cookie and drank wine in our pjs, Post : ] , Trying Benefit Cha-Cha tint.

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Where I've Been- I had my induction at work on Tuesday and I start properly next week which I'm really looking forward to, I went out for dinner with Pete on Thursday and to the pub on Friday night but it was absolutely packed we didn't get a seat all night and after last weekends drunken behavior I really didn't fancy drinking so we left early. I had a night in with mom last night drinking wine and watching DVDs and tonight I'm going to a friends to get Chinese food and have a couple of drinks.
Watching- As you can see I've started my Halloween movie marathon so far I've watched a couple of vampire classics; The Lost Boys and Interview With A Vampire, and Attack Of The Giant Leeches from 1959 which was hilarious.
Product Of The Week- Models Own Snowflake nail varnish, it is soooo pretty and goes well over any colour.
Next Week- I'm hoping to go out with my mom on Monday and I have till training on Wednesday and then hopefully I'll find out when I'm working. I'm hoping to go to some firework displays at the weekend but as I don't know when I'll be working it's difficult to make plans yet. 

: ]


  1. Love The Lost Boys - possibly one of the best vampire movies ever & I love the soundtrack! xx

  2. Aww bless look at your cookie =)
    MUST watch Lost Boys this week, thanks for the reminder =) x

  3. Pj's and cookies, the perfect night time entertainment!


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