Thursday, 22 November 2012

Blogging Help Needed

Hi lovelies, I really need some help from you lovely people basically I've been writing blog posts today but when I try to upload photos it keeps telling me I'm out of space and am currently using 100% of my 1 GB quota for photos. So I was just wondering how you all post photo's to your blog, I used to upload them to my blogs facebook page and copy them from there but then they changed the photo's page and all my images disappeared on my blog.
If anyone could tell me a good photo hosting site to store my blog photos or altrnatives to upload them that would be great.

: ] 


  1. You sound as if you have hit your image limit.
    This link might be useful :)

    Amy xx

  2. You can use Photobucket or Imageshack etc and self host the images :)


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