Friday, 9 November 2012

Feature Friday: November Wishlist


I haven't posted a wishlist since the first week of September so this one is a little lengthy but here's what I'm lusting after this month:

I've been lusting after the Dandelion blush for ages and was delighted when Benefit released these Cheek and Lip kits, they are so pretty and this will definitely be on my Birthday wishlist.

After trying the Benefit B.right mini skincare set I found that the Triple Performance Facial Emulsion and It's Potent Eye Cream were there stand out products so this little set is absolutely perfect.

Lush Mr Punch Soap- £3.75/100g
I have only ever bought one soap from Lush (Sea Vegetable) and I wasn't overly impressed but I always find there Christmas soaps to be much more impressive and this one sounds amazing.

I recently made my first online order from Lush and I've always wanted to buy some of thier Limited Edition Retro products but Octobers products didn't really appeal to me but they just added their November products and I really like the sound of this glittery red bar.

I love Lush Shower jelly's and I love wine so this sounds delightful.

Submarine- £5.00
I love this film.

This dress is so cute, I'm so tempted to buy it when payday arrives.

I've been wanting to read this for a while.

I still love my blue River Island bag but it's starting to look a little worn and this is such a good size and I can never resist a nice studded bag.

This is such a bargain and I would team it with all my jumpers and coats.

I've had my eye on this for a while but I tend to go for a slightly chunkier bag and I usually hate bags without a zip, but it is pretty.

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