Thursday, 1 November 2012

Product Review: Lush Calacas Shower Jelly

As Calacas is a Day Of The Dead themed Shower Jelly it seemed appropriate for me to post this review on the holiday (which I believe is today), the jelly itself is even molded in the design of a Sugar Skull and I did my best to try and show the design in my photos but it is a little tricky to photograph, it is a lot more impressive in real life.
I didn't get round to getting one of these cute little jelly's last year and was very disappointed so as soon as the seasonal products hit the shelves this year I went and got myself one.
I've tried one of Lush's permanent Shower Jelly's, Whoosh, before and really enjoyed using it especially in the summer as you can pop them in the freezer which is super refreshing and also makes the jelly a little firmer making it easier to use (and making me less likely to drop the stuff and lose half of it down the plug). 

But back to the Jelly in question, let's start with the smell as soon as you open the pot you're hit with a sweet sent of lime which to me is almost identical to the green Rowntree Fruit Pastilles which makes me feel instantly nostalgic.
Now onto the important stuff, how well does the product actually work? Well I actually cannot fault it at all, in the winter I find that my skin especially on my upper arms can get quite dry and needs a bit of extra TLC. I've just added this to my routine which is now as follows, I like to start my shower using my Lush Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter (review here) which is very exfoliating whilst also moisturizing the skin and then once this has been fully rinsed away I use this to leave the skin feeling really clean and smelling lovely and fresh. This works so well after exfoliating because one of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera Gel which really helps to soothe the skin especially on any dry or irritated areas and I've only used it a couple of times but after each use I've found that any problem areas are left feeling very soft and soothed. 
This is obviously mainly a shower product but as with a lot of Lush products it can be used in multiple ways and in the past when I've used Whoosh I have popped it into a bath of running water to use it as a bubble bath. I find this is the easiest way to use the jelly's when you've been using them for a while as you will likely end up with a pot full of little bits that have fallen off the jelly and it can be tricky to use these in the shower but they work fairly well as a bubble bath although they won't create the same volume of bubbles as a bubble bar it will leave you with lovely soft skin.

Overall I'm absolutely in love this and I will be rushing to buy another one before they're gone as they are pretty reasonably priced at £3.25 and it really is doing wonders for my skin. 

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  1. This looks so cool. I love lime scented products so I'll probably pick one of these up. £3.25 is a great price x

  2. Great review! The scent of lime is good too. :)
    You got a nice blog. Hope we can follow each other. :)



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