Monday, 31 December 2012


So here is a not so little round up of what I did this year:

I spent a ridiculous amount of time with this lovely man

I got a job, it might not be my dream job but for now it's great and it's really helped boost my self confidence which is a big thing for me.

I finished my Illustration degree.

I drank way too many cocktails.

I didn't get a holiday but I went to some lovely places including; Glastonbury for a pagan wedding, the safari park numerous times, Weston-Super-Mare to spend an afternoon on the pier, Chiquito's many times, My cousins wedding, Walks in the countryside with Pete and Birminghams Frankfurt Christmas Market.

I spent too much time in the bath and too much money in Lush.

I painted my nails in an array of different colours and designs.

I dip dyed my hair random colours all summer.

I took full advantage of Orange Wednesdays.

And I posted my many rambles on this here blog.

Overall a pretty decent year although I did spend a few months jobless and broke which definitely were not a highlight, I'm feeling pretty excited for 2013 and I plan on being a lot more adventourous and independant and of course I hope to keep improving my blog.
I hope you all had a great year and are as excited for 2013 as I am.

: ]

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