Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lush Retro Purchases

So I've been a fairly shitty blogger recently and I am very sorry but my work hours are all over the place and I've been staying at Pete's a lot so I've just lacked time and motivation but I'm back and I'm trying to get back to blogging properly. I've also got my little blog giveaway coming up in the next few days and I've bought a few of my favourite things to giveaway to one lucky winner.
Anyway back to the post, I was looking through the Lush times and came across the list of upcoming limited edition Retro products and I was quite excited by the sound of December's products so I couldn't resist making a sneaky order.

Iced Wine Shower Jelly £4.95
I love Lush shower jellies and I love wine so I could not resist this and I'm glad I bought it because I opened it up and it smells delicious.

Mr Punch Soap £3.75
I've been wanting to try this soap since the Christmas range hit stores but I find that buying the soaps instore always ends up being quite pricey as they cut quite large chunks so I decided to order some online to ensure I only bought 100g.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar £3.95
The bubble bars are my favourite products from Lush so I couldn't resist this glittering little beauty I haven't opened it up yet so I'm not sure how great it smells but it is soooo pretty.

I sent a little note with my order asking for some samples and the lovely Lush people gave me two small chunks of their Christmas soaps Angel's Delight and North Pole and a little pot of Glogg Shower Gel unfortunately the shower gel did leak a little so the pot was rather sticky but the smell is amazing, it does smell a little bit like cough syrup but it's strangely comforting and very Christmassy. 

I was pretty restrained actually on this order as Christmas shopping has been quite expensive, I did buy a Candy Mountain bubble bar on this order as part of my besties Christmas present.
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  1. Iced wine sounds lovely. It's great that they included samples :) x

  2. Lovely gets! :D

  3. Great purchase!
    XOXO, Ladyfairy
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