Thursday, 13 December 2012

Product Review: Lush Party Popper Bath Ballistic

I've been meaning to post this review for ages but I've only just got round to it, I bought the Party Popper Ballistic a month or so ago and was really excited to try it as it was a brand new addition to the Lush Christmas range and the pretty colours and name intrigued me.

When you place the ballistic in the water it fizzes away pretty loudly and little bits of popping candy sink to the bottom of the tub where they quietly pop and little colourful bits of what looks like paper float out.
 Whilst this was all very exciting I was honestly left feeling a bit disappointed for a few reasons, firstly the smell of this is fantastic when you sniff the actual bomb but once it's all fizzled out it's really faint, secondly the popping candy seemed a bit pointless and was hardly noticeable. Also the little floaty bits are actually "soap confetti" which sounded like a nice idea but actually you just end up with slimey bits of goo floating around which I just didn't like at all. Lastly whilst the lovely pink colour it turns the water is great whilst you're enjoying your bath it's not so great when the water has drained and your left with a bright pink ring round the tub which takes a good scrub to shift.

Overall I would say most of my negative points about this are just down to my own personal taste rather than the product being bad (apart from the pink tub) and they are very pretty and lovely smelling so at £2.95 I think they make decent stocking fillers for any Lush fans you may know but I won't be buying anymore of these even in the half price after Christmas sale.

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  1. I hate it when they leave marks of the bath, totally cancels out the idea of a relaxing bath x

  2. I might get one of these to try, it looks like it could be easy to use 2 or 3 times too?

  3. Such a shame you didn't like it! Having to scrub the bath afterwards doesn't sound very good at all. It sure looks pretty though! :) xx

  4. I found it also left a huge ring around my bath too, took me a good 10mins of scrubbing! I wasn't SUCH a fan of this, but it was nice for the price :)


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