Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Product Review: Scentsy Wickless Candles

I was recently contacted by the lovely Lori Morgan who is an Independent Scentsy Family Consultant, she offered me the chance to try some products from the Scentsy range and I was delighted when my package turned up containing a full sized Scentsy bar and a range of sample scents. 
The idea with the Scentsy bar is to break off a small chunk or two and place it in a Scentsy Warmer which heat the wax using a low watt light bulb to melt the wax slowly so the lovely fragrance lasts ages. As I don't have a Warmer I tried the scents using a non scented tea light candle under an oil burner which melted the wax quite slowly and allowed the scent to fragrance the room.

The first scent I tried was Mandarin Moon as it was the scent that most appealed to me, I love the cute little shapes the samples came in, all of the samples smelt really strong but became a lot more subtle when placed in the burner probably because the samples were very small but I quite liked the subtle scent as I find some candles to be a bit too strong and over bearing. I expected the oil to disappear quite quickly once the wax had fully melted but it actually lasted ages and the scent remained noticeable for a good few hours.

I'll admit some of the scents really didn't appeal to me but it's all down top personal preference  I personally don't like sweet floral scents which some of the samples definitely are but the ones I don't like my mom seems to love so I'm sure she'll use them.
I love the Buckleberry scent which is the full size scent I received and my favourite sample was Cinnamon Vanilla which smelt delicious and was one of the stronger scents, Scentsy currently offer 80 different scents so you're bound to find at least one that appeals. 
The way Scentsy sell their products is similar to companies like Avon you use their website to find a consultant near your area and order directly from them.

Scentsy bars retail for £5 each which I think is a really fair price, you get at least 8 uses out of each bar and the adorable packaging makes them ideal gifts for the candle lovers in your life, the Warmers are a little bit more pricey at around £30, they have some really cute designs including a cupcake but I don't honestly think I would buy one myself although my boyfriends mom would love one so I'm tempted to get one for her next birthday as she is a bit of a candle addict. 

Note: Obviously I was sent these products to review on my blog and I was more than happy to do so as I know a lot of bloggers adore candles and so felt you would be interested in hearing about these products, I will not post product reviews of things that are completely irrelevant to my blog and my followers.

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  1. Oh wow I love these I will have to check her store out!


  2. Oooh I love the sound of these :) xo

  3. Scentsy is a great product. If you want wanting to learn more about the products check out my website at www.meghannclements.scentsy.ca

  4. Scentsy is a wonderful product! Glad you enjoyed it!


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