Monday, 7 January 2013

Lush Sale Haul

So on Boxing Day I had to be at work for 10am so obviously my first thought was to get to Merry Hill for 9 and go straight to the Lush sale and I am so glad I did as I left with a mountain of goodies.

There were so many half price goodies as Lush put any item that was made before October 1st on offer, all the gift boxes had already been snapped up as well as most of the Christmas bath bombs but I still managed to spend all of my gift card and more.

Let The Good Times- £5.95
This was the only full price item I brought as I've nearly finished my first tub and it is my new favourite cleanser and Lush have now confirmed that this will be sticking around for good so I'm delighted.

Enzymion- £13.75 £6.87
This was the only moisturiser that was half price and it just happened to be aimed at my skin type so I decided to give a try and can't wait to try it.

Marilyn- £8.95 £4.47
I only just brought a tub of this and love it so I thought I'd grab another tub as it was half price.

Ponche- £4.25 £2.12
This smells so refreshing I couldn't resist buying another bottle.

Grass- £9.45 £4.72
I've been wanting to try this for a while, the scent is a little odd but interesting and I've been falling more in love with Lush shower gels having been using the Christmas ones so often lately.

Shine So Bright- £4.50 £2.25
You might remember this being on a Lush Wishlist I posted a little while ago so when I saw it on offer I couldn't resist picking one up.

Cinders- £2.25 £1.12
I quite like this bomb but didn't bother to buy one when they were full price so I picked one up in the sale instead.

Santa's Sack- £4.15 £2.07
This is another product that I didn't bother buying when it was full price as the smell wasn't very strong and it was a little expensive for it's size but I used half of it yesterday and actually really liked it, the sack is a normal bubble bar but the little presents inside are harder like Lush's bubble wands so you can easily get one bath out of the big yellow present alone. 

Candy Mountain- £2.45 £1.22
This is my favourite Lush Christmas product so I got three to keep me going and I already have a few more stashed away.

I did some more sale shopping last week so I will be posting my non Lush purchases soon.

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  1. Aw sadly, I didn't pick up anything from the Lush sale it had all gone by the time I got there :( You got some great purchases! xxx

  2. Epic sale haul!
    You make me wish I had gotten more now, I just got 2 big bottles of Snow Fairy to last me until next year hahaha

  3. My Lush was practically sold out, you picked up some amazing bargains x


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