Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Summary

Butterball and a face mask, Raspberry Sourz and lemonade in my new Frankenweenie cup, Candy Mountain bubble bar, New reading material, Wine, Little Angels Delight sample, Goodies from Barratts and Cybercandy, Lush The Kiss lipgloss, Obligatory snow pic, Hello Kitty onesie with vimto & vodka, Couldn't sleep so Dvd time, Blogging.

So I missed last weeks Sunday Summary as my week had been pretty dull so this one covers a fortnight, other than work, which has been a whole lot less stressful now I have fewer hours and it's less busy, I've spent a lot of time with Pete making plans and ordering myself a pretty new laptop which I'm hoping will arrive next week.
I had some holiday hours to use up at work between now and April so I've been busy planning things to do, I've booked the day off before Valentines day when I'm hoping to go to the cinema followed by a meal out because we don't really go out on Valentines day.
I've got my graduation in March as well a trip to the Theatre to see the only musical I've ever liked Cats and this week we booked a few days in Tenby to celebrate our anniversary at the end of March so I have lots to look forward to including a friends birthday next weekend which will most likely involve drinking too much and dancing to shitty music up town.

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