Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tag: 50 Things About Me

  1. I've been to Disney World, loved it and would love to go back.
  2. I've flown to the other side of the world, I went to Australia when I was 15 and we stayed with my aunt who lives there, I really want to go back.
  3. I've drank black Absinthe it was kind of gross.
  4. I've got a degree in Illustration.
  5. I've dyed my hair loads of different colours; blue, turquoise, pink, purple, black, blonde, green.
  6. I went through a period where I kept walking and talking in my sleep.
  7. I took three trains to Wales for my first holiday with Pete because neither of us could drive.
  8. I fell off my bike when I was about 8 and nearly got hit by a car, I didn't get on a bike again until I was 15.
  9. I held a Koala it was adorable, I also held a Joey.
  10. When I was little I wanted to be a cat when I grew up after watching the musical Cats pretty much daily.
  11. There are some beautiful places near my house and I love nothing more than packing up some snacks and going for a long walk with Pete. 
  12. I once drank so many energy drinks I couldn't stop shaking and lay on a bench covered in coats because I was too cold. 
  13. I used a school snow day to get drunk at a friends house in the middle of the afternoon.
  14. I had my first kiss at 15 with a goth who had long hair which covered his face and strangers thought we were lesbians.
  15. I've seen more than 50 bands live, I started going to gigs with my mom at 14.
  16. I've met some of my favourite (at the time) musicians including Jimmy Urine, Wil Francis, Wednesday 13 (♥) and the lovely Craig Owens.
  17. We've stayed at the same B&B everytime we've visited Tenby.
  18. I've spent more than £30 at an arcade in one trip, damn those 2p and 10p sliders, I can't resist the claw machine either.
  19. I've worn black eye liner everyday (or at least everyday I've left the house) since I was 15.
  20. I was quite emo for a while and wore super bright trousers with ridiculous prints like these red starry ones, I also had some super tight orange ones.
  21. I've seen Back To The Future at the cinema, it was an anniversary showing and it was awesome.
  22. I've played ring of fire too many times.
  23. I fell down stairs because of high heels and consequently broke the heel off said shoes.
  24. I've had the same pair of converse for 8 years and still wear them.
  25. I've driven a quad bike.
  26. I used to get picked on for my ginger hair which made me hate it but I've come to really love the colour and although I've added loads of different colours to my hair the ginger has always stayed.
  27. This year is mine and Pete's fifth anniversary, we met at 6th form although we nearly didn't as he'd applied for a different college, I have to admit I'm glad he didn't get in to the other one.
  28. I have a real penchant for cheesy 80's movies; Splash, Batteries Not Included, Cocoon, Flight Of The Navigator, The Neverending Story, Flash Gordon...
  29. I am extremely grateful that my mom encouraged to paint rather than play video games.
  30. I'm obsessed/in love with following people: Evan Rachel Wood, Kirsten Dunst, Jared Leto, Joseph Gordon-Levit, Tim Burton, Emily Haines, Kaya Scodelario and Kat Dennings.
  31. I'm a little bit obsessed with Lush.
  32. I'm a night owl and early mornings actually make me feel physically sick most of the time.
  33. I drink too much tea, right now I'm loving white tea and I have about 5 mugs a day in the biggest mug possible.
  34. I pretty much live off tacos, Chinese food, beer battered fish and chips, happy meals, Subway, and pizza. I am unhealthy.
  35. I like to draw pretty ladies and pugs.
  36. I'm a sucker for a cocktail especially if it comes in a fishbowl.
  37. Every month I buy three magazines without fail; Company, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.
  38. I love black and white horror films like Nosferatu and House On Haunted Hill.
  39. If I could live on Chiquito Nachos I would.
  40. I can listen to Metric for hours, Emily Haines has such a beautiful voice.
  41. Some of my all time favourite songs include: Yellow Submarine, She Talks To Rainbows- The Ramones, Juneau- Funeral For A Friend and Sally's Pigeons- Cyndi Lauper.
  42. I'm not a dessert person but I can't say no to a Krispy Kreme.
  43. I'm incredibly shy and find it really hard to talk to people I don't know and I honestly think it's held me back a lot.
  44. I love this girl, my best friend Beth and one day we will be crazy cat ladies together and escape to Japan
  45. I'm clumsy, forgetful and sometimes lack common sense.
  46. My favourite superhero is Batman.
  47. I have a mental list of places I want to visit with Pete starting with Italy, Amsterdam and Belgium.
  48. My family mean the world to me and although we bicker a lot I love my big brother to pieces.
  49. Pete and I are pretty much an old married couple, we fall asleep watching dvds, we like to feed ducks, play board games and have picnics
  50. .I've made some rather questionable outfit choices when going to house parties but at least I had fun.
Let me know if you do this tag as I'd love to read your 50 things.

: ]


  1. I had those red starry jeans but in green! x

    1. Ha honestly I think I'd still wear them today if they fit
      : ]

  2. Loved this post :D
    I used to be obsessed with Murderdolls and I had my hair all cut/shaved just like Wednesday 13!! XD

    1. I love him, the I Walked With A Zombie video is still one of my faves
      : ]

  3. I love your pug drawing !
    I have just done this tag on my blog :)
    Launa xx

  4. I loved reading this, I can't resist the claw machines at arcades either!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. I always come back from holidays with at least one cuddly thing from a claw machine
      : ]


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