Thursday, 28 February 2013

100 Day No Spending Challenge

I've been wanting to do this for ages but have kept putting it off but now seems like a good time to start (well I'll be starting tomorrow as I want to start on the 1st of the month) as I really can't afford all of my spur of the moment after work beauty splurges, trust me all of those little impulse purchases really do add up. Anyway now is the perfect time to start as the next few months are going to be quite expensive; in March I have my graduation, a trip to the theatre, my anniversary and a trip away with Pete and April is just as bad I'm going to see a comedian, it's my moms birthday and I've got a weekend in Scotland for a wedding. I'm also still hoping to achieve my new years resolutions so I really need to start saving.
So to start this little challenge I thought I'd identify the things I think I'm spending too much on:
  • Nail varnish especially the glitter variety.
  • Make-up in general especially if it's doing the rounds on blogs.
  • Skincare and bath products I really don't need, my stash is a little ridiculous especially Soap & Glory things.
  • Buying things just because they're on offer, again Soap & Glory are big culprits here I'm a sucker for a 3 for 2 offer I have been known to go into Boots for something sensible like toothpaste and come out with three new shower scrubs.
  • Food, obviously food itself is quite necessary but I've been having really short shifts at work recently of about 4 or 5 hours so I don't get a break and once I'm finished I'm usually starving especially if it's a  10 til 3 shift and I end up in McDonalds or Subway.
  • Lush- by far my spending nemesis, my Lush stash is ridiculous.
  • Clothes.
  • Magazines.
So here are my rules for this challenge:
  • I will not buy any nail varnish at all for the 100 days.
  • I can only purchase make-up if it is an essential repurchase like foundation for example.
  • I will not buy any skincare or bath products unless it is a necessary repurchase.
  • I will cut down on my fast food intake and try to take food with me to work.
  • I will not buy any Lush products except for skincare items that are part of my everyday routine and only if I have run out of previous products.
  • I will avoid clothes shopping completely unless it's something I really need for example I may need to purchase some work shoes soon.
  • I will only purchase 3 magazines a month and will not waste money on weekly magazines, I will purchase Glamour, Company and Cosmopolitan and that is all. 
I'm sure there will be a couple of slips because hey no one's perfect but I'm really going to try and not spend my money on all these unnecessary purchases and I'll be keeping you all up to date with my progress with weekly updates on Saturdays starting next Saturday. I do plan on making one naughty purchase next week as I haven't had a chance to yet, I will be purchasing one of the new Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Spring Fragrances I'm currently leaning towards Oh Lola! Sunsheer Edition.

Sorry this ended up being much longer than I intended, kudos if you read it all.

: ]

Monday, 25 February 2013

Product Review: Lush Mumkin Bubble Bar

Mumkin Bubble Bar
So this adorable little bubble creature/bar is part of Lush's small range of limited edition Mothers Day products, it has a very strong raspberry scent that is  really uplifting and suits the cheerful design of the bubble bar. 
In terms of usage I actually felt a little bad crumbling up the cute little Mumkin but I put about half of the bar in the bath to get the amount of bubbles shown below and the water turned a lovely pink colour and the lovely fruity smell was quite strong and lingered on my skin after I got out of the tub. 
I'll definitely buy a couple of these before the mothers day range disappears and for £2.75 I think Mumkin makes an adorable little gift, Lush's Egg Hunt soap has the same delicious scent so if you're more of a shower person you can still enjoy the gorgeous raspberry scent.

: ]

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Summary

Lush Samples, Chinese take away, Wine & pjs, Making myself some Pepperoni mozzerella tomato and pesto paninis, Using Mumkin bubble bar, Cheeky payday purchases.

I had work everyday this week so things have been a little quiet on the blog front but I will have much more time next week to devote to this blog, but back to this week Pete and I went to see This Is 40 on wednesday which was really funny.
I also made quite a few naughty purchases so expect a little haul post next week, other than that my week was very quiet outside of work which was much needed as work was quite hideous with it being half term and me working on childrenswear.

: ]

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lush Easter Range

So as soon as I saw this years Easter Range in The Lush Times I knew I'd end up trying it all so as soon as it became available online I thought I'd make my slightly ridiculous order.

The Brightside Bubble Bar
The Brightside Bubble Bar- £4.25
I love Blue Skies and The Comforter so I was delighted to see this Bubble Bar and ordered it without even reading the description but I went in store the next day and gave it a sniff and it smells lovely, Lush describe the scent as Triple orange so you can imagine how refreshing and citrus like it smells.

Egg Hunt Soap- £3.40 for 100g
Just after I ordered this I got given quite a large free sample in my local Lush so it was quite an unnecessary purchase but the smell makes it worth it, this soap has a sweet raspberry scent that is really strong, it smells exactly like the Mumkin Bubble Bar from their Mothers Day range which I adore.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb- £2.95
I bought a lot of these last Easter and I'll be buying a load this year too, the scent is really sweet and quite similar to the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar or Rockstar soap and the design is just adorable.

The Carrot Reusuable Bubble Bar- £4.95
Although I like Lush's bubble wands I've always much preferred the bubble bars, this Carrot however is a favourite of mine it has a lovely tropical fruity scent that is quite different from most of the Lush products and you get quite a few baths out of each carrot.

Henata Bath Bomb- £4.50
I wasn't going to buy this one as £4.50 is quite a lot for a bath bomb but it is huge and you're meant to crack it open as it has a bath bomb egg inside so you'd get at least two baths out of the cute little hen, unfortunately I dropped the package on the floor so he has already cracked in half. 

Sea Spray- £9.95
This obviously isn't from the Easter range but I just ran out of my L'Oreal salt spray so I thought I'd give the Lush one a go after putting it off for ages because of the price.

Lush Blue Fun
2 Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioners
2 Rehab Shampoos

: ]

Friday, 22 February 2013

Feature Friday: February Wishlist

February Wishlist

  1. I really really don't need another nail varnish but how could I ignore this gorgeous pink glitter, the shade is called Unicorn which just makes me want it even more.
  2. There are so many cat t-shirts floating around at the moment and I adore this black H&M vest and for £9.99 I could very well find myself popping into to H&M after work to pick one up.
  3. I really don't own many skirts so I don't think I'd feel too guilty adding this adorable duck print one to my wardrobe and the material is soft and floaty, perfect for spring.
  4. I never got round to seeing this at the cinema but the trailer makes it look so beautiful and Aaron Johnson is strangely hot with a blonde moustache.
  5. I'm pretty much definitely buying this t-shirt, I really love the print, the roll up sleeves and baggy fit I would wear it constantly.
  6. This shirt is so cute but I'm really not sure if it would suit me so I may have to try it on.
  7. This dress is just perfection.
  8. I've tried out a sample of this and it may end up being my second ever Origins purchase- review coming soon.
  9. In my eyes £26 is quite a lot for a t-shirt but this has really grabbed my attention and with Topshop offering free delivery until tomorrow I'm very tempted by this.
: ]

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Product Review- Lush Secret Garden

Lush Secret Garden Bath Ballistic- £2.50
This lovely little bath bomb is part of Lush's limited edition Mothers Day range which includes a few different bubble flower wands, an adorable little bubble bar creature called Mumkin and this gorgeous floral bomb. 
I have to say I wasn't too excited to try this as the main scent is rose and Lush's more floral scents have never really appealed to me but this turned out to be a much more impressive than I had expected.

As soon as it touched the water it began to foam and the pink flower shape floated on the water and slowly melted away, I was quite enjoying watching the pretty colours when the yellow centre started to fizz out I had no idea that there were petals in the middle but I suppose the clues in the name Secret Garden, loads of blue, yellow and purple flower petals floated across the water which made for avery relaxing bath.

I was really impressed with this bomb and the I actually quite liked the strong rose scent for a change, for £2.50 I think these make great gifts or a little indulgent treat for yourself I've already bought one for my mom as she adores anything rose scented. I'll definitely treat myself to another one of these before the mothers day range disappears.

: ]

Monday, 18 February 2013

NOTD- Blue Drips

Polish' used: Models Own Nail Art Pens in Black and Blue, Models Own in Top Turquoise and Technic Clear. 

I wanted to steer clear of glitter as I wear glitter polish way too often and I hadn't tried out my blue nail art pen yet so as I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous I decided to do something quite simple which lead to this drippy design. To add a little more interest and break up all the blue I added an accent nail swapping the blue for black which I think works pretty well, the design itself is a little messy but I guess that adds to the drippy effect. 

: ]

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Summary

Watching Warm Bodies, Baking Valentines cupcakes, Second cinema trip of the week, Going out for dinner, Beer battered fish and chips, Valentines gifts from Pete, Many pancakes all for me, Free Egg Hunt soap.

I didn't do my Sunday Summary last sunday as I'd had a very dull week and had taken all of one Instagram photo but this week I had a lot of time off work so I actually had a pretty great week. On monday I went to see Warm Bodies with my mom, which was great and Nicholas Hoult made a delightful zombie, I spent most of tuesday in the kitchen making pancakes and baking cupcakes.
Me and Pete decided to celebrate Valentines day on Wednesday because we are cheapskates and wanted to get 2 for 1 at the cinema also valentines night can make restuarants stupidly busy and loud, why do people not appreciate the sanctity of the comfortable eating silence. We went to a lovely place called The Crooked House because it's actually crooked they have a gumball machine with marbles in it so you can place them on the bar and watch them roll, I had beer battered fish and chips followed by the most delicious dessert; Banofee Rice Pudding Brulee served in a huge tea cup.
We spent the actual valentines day in our pjs making pancakes, playing Starfluxx and watching The Five Year Engagement. On Friday night we went out to celebrate Pete's graduation with a fantastic meal at Cielo Italian Restaurant in Birmingham, I had Bruschetta Pomodoro followed by Penna Salsiccia (pasta and chorizo) and a trio of Sorbets for dessert as well as a large amount of wine, perfection.

: ]

Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTD- Nothing But Time

This is what I decided to where for dinner with Pete for our Valentines date on wednesday, I kept it quite casual as we went to the cinema before hand (we saw Wreck It Ralph it was awesome). 

Lettered Shirt- Primark
Jeans- H&M
Boots- Primark

: ]


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