Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Little Lush Haul

So I have been really bad recently and somehow between walking from work to the bus stop I always seem to end up in Lush which has resulted in a few pretty unneccessary purhcases.
After a slightly crappy day I bought two of the few Lush products I've never tried:
Sunnyside Bubble Bar- £3.65
Dorothy Bubble Bar- £2.99

I also couldn't resist popping in when I saw they had the Mothers Day range in, I was pleased to see there were a couple of new goodies other their usual flower bubble wands which have never really won me over, I picked up these two beauties: 
Secret Garden Bath Ballistic- £2.50
Mumkin Bubble Bar- £2.75

I'm already excited for the Easter range it looks so good especially the new Brightside Bubble Bar and it's available online now, but I think I'll wait until the range hits my local store as I like to have a good sniff before buying the new products and my stock of bubble bars is already a bit ridiculous.

: ]


  1. I want to try out the Mother's Day things x

  2. wo,w you bought so many lovely things :)
    love lush but I wish it would be less expensive over here :/

    xx Rebekah

  3. I love sunnyside! I've just bought 2 =P
    Check out my Lush Haul


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