Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Product Review- Lush Secret Garden

Lush Secret Garden Bath Ballistic- £2.50
This lovely little bath bomb is part of Lush's limited edition Mothers Day range which includes a few different bubble flower wands, an adorable little bubble bar creature called Mumkin and this gorgeous floral bomb. 
I have to say I wasn't too excited to try this as the main scent is rose and Lush's more floral scents have never really appealed to me but this turned out to be a much more impressive than I had expected.

As soon as it touched the water it began to foam and the pink flower shape floated on the water and slowly melted away, I was quite enjoying watching the pretty colours when the yellow centre started to fizz out I had no idea that there were petals in the middle but I suppose the clues in the name Secret Garden, loads of blue, yellow and purple flower petals floated across the water which made for avery relaxing bath.

I was really impressed with this bomb and the I actually quite liked the strong rose scent for a change, for £2.50 I think these make great gifts or a little indulgent treat for yourself I've already bought one for my mom as she adores anything rose scented. I'll definitely treat myself to another one of these before the mothers day range disappears.

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  1. Oh wow what a cute bath bomb, thanks for sharing :D
    If its not out already the butterfly wand should be back soon and I would totally reccomend it :)


  2. Ah this looks lovely - I love how it makes the water look quite magical. xxx

  3. This looks really great :) x

  4. this looks really good, and it looks soo pretty. i may have to get my mum some things from this line for mothers day too xxx

  5. Sounds so good, it must smell amazing. The dissolved colours reminds me of Kiwi xo


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